The most glamorous hair trend for spring 2024? It's got to be the retro-inspired bouncy blowout.

Miley Cyrus was one of the first celebrities to unveil a super-sized 'do with her performance at the Grammys in February. 

Resplendent in a showgirl-esque silver sequinned dress, the American singer had her brunette locks backcombed into a fabulous, 80s-style bouffant blowout that bounced as she shimmied through a rendition of hit single 'Flowers'.

Not long after, Beyonce was snapped while attending the Super Bowl with a platinum blonde blowout, voluminous curls cascading over her sharp-shouldered dress, and the music star has showed off several other big blonde hair looks while promoting new album Cowboy Carter.

Jennifer Lopez is another famous fan of the va-va-voom look, often appearing on stage or on the red carpet with her 'bronde' (a mix of brunette and blonde) locks blow-dried to curvaceous perfection.

Harking back to 1980s TV shows like Dallas and supermodels who burst onto the fashion scene in the early 90s - namely Cindy Crawford and Stephanie Seymour - the modern version of the throwback 'big hair, don't care' look is bouncy and glossy rather than stiff and set.

"This is what people want for an occasion," says Paul Edmonds. "It takes them away from their everyday style. When they go out they want to embrace a different, more 'done' look."

Director Lizzie Hearn agrees: "We're seeing a move away from 'lived in' hair now to more of a statement look."

Senior director Siobhan Baynes is also a big fan of the megawatt mane: "It's very glamorous, quite over the top, for when you want to be the centre of attention. It's not subtle, it's saying 'I'm here, my hair's here!' I love it."

Want to go glam like Beyonce, Miley and the supers? Here, the team talk through how to get the bouncy blowout look in salon or at home…


For the ultimate pop star-worthy blow-dry, you're going to need some help from a professional.

"You're probably not going to be able to get that volume if you do it yourself," Siobhan says. 

"A hairdresser can get a much better angle on the hair when blow-drying and creating those big waves. And even if you could do it yourself, chances are the back isn't going to look as good as the front."

Lizzie adds: "It's also about getting that smooth finish. Although it's big, bouncy hair it's got to have that shine to it, that sleekness."

In salon, Lizzie starts with volumising shampoo at the backwash: "I used the Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume on a client today, it's super lightweight. When you're doing a big blowout you want something that's lightweight but still nourishes the hair."

Next, she blow-dries the hair with a generous amount of mousse or volumising spray before putting in velcro rollers: "The smaller the roller, the more curl it creates. I use bigger rollers on top and smaller on the sides, but it varies according to the client and their hair type. I leave them in until they've cooled, so about 10 or 15 mins."

After removing the rollers, there are two options depending on how much movement you want with the hair. 

"If someone wants a glamorous look for something like the races or a wedding I'll backcomb the hair then spray it so it will stay in place all day," Siobhan says. 

"If not, I'll take the rollers out, comb the hair through and use flexible hold hair spray for a softer look."


While the mega-volume blowout is best left to the pros, you can still add some oomph to your locks at home with rollers, a good quality hairdryer and the right styling products.

"If you're using rollers at home, remember to make sure your hair is at least 70% dry before putting them in," Lizzie says.

"You can also try flipping your head upside down while you're blow-drying for an extra boost of volume at the roots."

As long as the waves are set properly, your bouncy blowout will last a good few days, Lizzie says: "Brush it through gently the next day, that way it's still a lovely blow-dry but not as set."

She also recommends Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray to refresh the look: "It almost doubles the volume of the hair, so if you've got quite fine or limp hair this is the go-to product. Spray it onto the roots the next day and it will plump it up again."

And remember that whether you've backcombed your hair yourself or had it done in salon, it's important to gently tease out the volume.

"Make sure you always brush out the backcombed section before you wash your hair to avoid it getting tangled," Siobhan says. "Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots."


So now you know how the superstars get their supersized locks - and how you can too.

We predict the glossy, voluminous look is going to be everywhere this spring/summer, particularly once wedding season gets into full swing.

Whether you're a bride-to-be or a guest who wants to impress, why not give the bouncy blowout trend a go?

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