Summer beauty essentials to take on your travels

The Paul Edmonds team are a well-travelled bunch.

And with their expert hair and skincare knowledge, they're second to none when it comes to picking the best beauty products for trips to dazzling destinations.

From serums for taming frizzy tresses to sunscreens for enhancing your complexion, they've got the recommendations you need, whether you're island-hopping in Greece, sightseeing in the States or hitting the beach clubs of Ibiza.

Here, the team run down the hair, skincare and body products they always pack for sunny escapes, and reveal their top tips for chic summer styling…


As well as being a regular at Glastonbury festival, Alfie has enjoyed long trips abroad with his family (including his hair-obsessed sisters), so he knows a thing or two about summer hair styling…

Top tip for summer: "Don't use oil in your hair while sunbathing, as it can burn hair."

Holiday hair hack: "Take hair grips to create loose styles for the evening."

Favourite styling tool: "The Dyson Airwrap is great for creating lots of different styles."

My summer essentials: 

"I love this mousse sunscreen because it's so lightweight."

Heliocare 360 Airgel SPF 50

"These moisturising masks are amazing - especially if you keep them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect."

Decree SOS Revitalising Mask


"I think men often get left out when it comes to holiday hair and skin tips," says Hayley. "Obviously, sunblock is important, but even short hair needs extra attention to keep it healthy in hot weather."

Top tip for summer: "If you have dry hair, apply a repair mask in the morning and leave it in all day, its a great way to keep your hair hydrated and protected, especially great if you have that scalp that gets easily sensitised in the sun or beach"

Holiday Hair Hack "Spritz salt spray on to damp hair let it dry naturally to create beach waves"

Favourite styling tool: "A Hairdryer, any kind, it's just that perfect finish for making sure that you feel ready to go out"

My summer essentials:

"One thing that's always in my bag:"

Davines More Inside Dry Shampoo

"Add a few spritzes to damp hair and let it dry naturally to create beachy waves."

Oway Styling Finish Sea Salt Spray


"I'm a high-maintenance blonde, in the sense that having regular salon colour means I need to think again about what to take on my trips abroad", Justyna says.

She has, in her words, "long, weak hair, but I always like volume and hydration!" This is her advice for those of us who are fair-skinned and have colour-treated hair…

Top tip for summer: "Wear a hat as much as possible, protecting your salon colour from UV and dehydration is a must, so I use Shu Umemura Essence Absolue for UV protection and Kérastase Soleil range to remove chlorine and salt."

How to protect blonde hair: "I don't use anti-brass products on holiday as the sunlight abroad can artificially make my hair seem more yellow and brighter, so I opt for prevention with a balm rather than correction. I'll leave that for when I get back and let the amazing Charlotte and Joe do my colour!"

Favourite Styling Tool: "For me it's always a tong used with a heat protection spray, I need my waves still on holiday !"

My summer essentials:

"One thing that's always in my handbag:"

Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray

"This cream is like sunscreen for your hair, and it smells great too."

Kérastase Soleil Creme UV Sublime Hair Cream


"I love a bit of glam, but I'm practical too!" says Sonia. Her carefully curated kit of travel essentials is ideal for a low-maintenance, day-to-night girl who wants to travel with hand luggage only…

Top tip for summer: "Apply conditioner or a hair mask on dry hair and create a slicked-back style for a barrier between hair and water. I like the Kerastase or Oribe travel size shampoo's and masks available in salon, oh and A Slip silk hair band is also a must."

Holiday Hair Hack: "Leave your conditioner in the hair don't rinse it out, you can make your hair slick back, it also helps to create a barrier to preserve colour and hair health"

Favourite Styling Tool: "I agree with Justyna it has to be a tong, whether you want waves, or manage your bangs the tool to have is a tong, it's versatile!"

My summer essentials:

"Similar to a BB cream, this factor 50 sunscreen is a beautifully natural bronze shade, perfect for that sun-kissed skin look."

Heliocare 360 Bronze Color Oil Free Gel

"I love a lip gloss, but I will always recommend the Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex. It's light-textured and plumps the lips over time, so it's a great foundation to lay your lip gloss on top."

Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex


Fun in the sun

It's important to protect your skin and hair when you're enjoying sun, sea and swimming pools, as these elements can strip away essential oils and cause dryness.

Stock up on our team's beauty recommendations before your holiday, and you'll look and feel fabulous all summer long.


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