The Rise of The Centre Parting

As the hairdressing trend that is set to define this moment in time, a centre parting is this year’s go-to hairstyle and it’s easy to see why! Coupled either with the Medium or long hair, a centre parting is perfect for those with round, square, oval or oblong face shape.

How To Style A Centre Parting

Centre part hairstyles can often be very slimming and modern. Styled correct, they can present a look that provides class and symmetry. Finding the right style for you can be tricky but luckily, we’re on hand to dish out the latest trends and styles to suit you and your hair. Check out our top ways to style a centre parting:

  • Long and Wavy Centre Part Hair
  • Centre Part With Loose Messy Up-do
  • Centre Part With Loose Side Braid
  • Centre Part With Messy Bun
  • Smooth and Straight Centre Part Hair
  • Messy Ponytail Centre Part
  • Centre Part With Sleek Bun
  • Centre Part With Loose Beach Waves
  • Double French Braids

Celebrity Centre Parting Hairstyles

In a shocking turn of events, Jennifer Lawrence recently went short, platinum blonde and adopted a centre parting all in one pre-film release mega change. And we’ve got to say, we are loving it! The short messy centre parting is one of the best centre parting styles you can find! The parting not only brings the focus to the bridge of the nose but it looks even better with layered short hair, forming an effortless yet stylistic look.

Others celebrities who have previously kept the length and styled a centre parting include Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson and Alicia Vikander.


Beyonce, All American Beauty

And then there is Beyonce, who does everything with perfect largess and glamour. Here hairpieces or hair extensions to give body to the sides ensuring that this centre parting is very now and not an homage to 70s Cher.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence high-lift blonde, the median and centre parting!

The best way to rock a centre parting is knowing what suits your face shape. Different styles work well with different cuts so a good start is to narrow down exactly what your face shape is. Don’t be afraid to ask one of our stylists if you’re not sure.

We asked the team what to do to achieve such on-trend perfection as JLaw.

To recreate a look like this, “God of Hair”, Paul Edmonds says that you need to “make sure that there is a lot of movement in your hair around your face, the stylist needs to cut up into the hair.”

To go so very blonde takes a bit of planning. Creative Colour Director Vernon Deysel breaks it down.

“First we need to make sure that your hair is in good enough condition to enable the transformation. We would use the Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy All In One – it is excellent. The lift would probably take a couple of sessions, we would use an ammonia-free pre-lightener that is enriched with beeswax as we don’t want to do anything that damages the hair.
Following on from that we would go high-lift! To finish we would use the semi-permanent gloss glaze by L’Oreal. Colour maintenance we help with – there are two types of Shu Uemura Colour Lustre collections, for either warm blonde tones or platinum blondes.”

 Polly Miteva a Directors at Paul Edmonds says that to recreate this centre parting look she would “Use the new product from Shu Uemura Straightforward Blow Dry Oil Spray as it gives a lovely shine and also reduces the time it takes to blow-dry the hair.” Then to add the gentle wave she would use the tongues but very lightly. To finish and give texture Polly loves Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave.

PollyTo find your own centre parting style with Polly, book now!

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