Tipping – The New Colour Trend

The dip dye trend has been with us for a while now and its bold beautiful show stopping colour statements show no sign of slowing down.This is not for everyone so how do you add texture and movement into the ends of a cut?

The colour team at Paul Edmonds are working more and more with the super subtle technique of tipping. Claire, Vernon, Charlotte and Stephen now take you through everything you wanted to know about tipping but were too afraid to ask.

Tipping - The new colour trend

What type of hair or why would a client decide to have this technique?

Anyone who doesn’t want to have the bold block colour statement of dip dye but who wanted to add texture and movement to their hair cut. People who want to have a very natural sun kissed look to their hair.

Stephen says, “It is an excellent way of creating texture and movement in a cut and works across all colours from blondes through browns to reds and brunettes. The way that we do it at Paul Edmonds creates an ultra subtle effect, as if you have been in the sun for six months. Its so delicate and natural.”

“Its great for men too,” says Vernon, “we very subtly brush across the tips of shorter cuts to give a slight natural beachy lift. It’s a modern take on the shoe shine!’

How is this technique executed?

Pieces of hair are picked out and then the ends are backcombed before the colour is hand applied. It is excellent for shorter, choppier cuts, the coupe and long bobs.

Claire adds, ‘For the sun kissed look we take pieces of hair, backcomb them to separate out several strands per section, and then hand paint on the colours with a brush. We can also use organic colours to accentuate the natural effect that we are creating, but it works just as well with normal colours and pre-lighteners.”

How long does it take?

It is a relatively quick treatment – 45 mins to 1 hr to apply and then about 30 mins development time depending on the individual hair. It is also quite low maintenance with colour only needing to be reapplied once every 8 – 10 weeks.

Charlotte says, “With tipping there is a lot more of your natural hair colour. It is ideal for people who have a lot of layers as it gives definition and movement.”

How long does it take?

What does it not do?

It does not lift the whole head of hair, or give a highlight ‘frame’ to the face.

How is it different from Balayage? How does the look differ from ombre?

Balayage and Ombre work the whole head of hair whereas tipping concentrates on the ends of the hair.



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