Colour Services & Treatments

At Paul Edmonds London, our colour technicians are masters of their craft. Concentrating solely on colour services, our colour technicians work alongside your stylist to ensure that your colour is exactly what you had in mind.

Whether you’re looking for classic elegance, a celebrity inspired style or an edgy new look, our colour technicians have the knowledge to get your hair into the best condition and colour possible, using the latest colour innovations and products.

At Paul Edmonds, we offer a range of colour services, including the following:

Global Colour/Tints

Fron 60 to 150

Hair tints are the perfect way to lift your hair colour or hide those greys! With a hair tint, the colour is semi-permanent, therefore it’s ideal if you just want a small section of hair covered with colour.

To find out more about Tints & Pricing click here.


From 130 to 425

Highlights are a method of creating lighter colours within your hair, bringing more depth, dimension and lightness into your hair. Highlights are a great way to style a new look without changing your hair completely, and look really natural, so the upkeep is minimal.

Find out more how Highlights work here.


From 130 to 425

Balayage is a trending colour method right now, where hairdressers will use free hand methods to create a gentle fade of colour from the middle to tips of your hair, using patches of colour to create depth and frame the face.

Find out more about Balayage here and spice up your hair this season.


From 130 to 325

Shatush is a colouring technique used to give your hair the “sun-kissed” look – lightening the ends with a free hand method, Shatush aims to create warmth within your hair, as though you’ve been in the sun.

Give your hair the sun-kissed treatment, by finding out more here.

Creative Colour

From 100 to 200

Going for a significant colour change? Our colour technicians at Paul Edmonds will be able to facilitate a full hair colour change, whether it’s lightening your hair to blonde, or creating a deep, rich colour. Whatever colour you’re thinking, we can do it.

Find out more about our Creative Colour procedures here.

Organic Colour


Whether you’re sensitive to hair colouring products, or you live a lifestyle where you want to be sure that you’re only using organically sourced products on your hair, Paul Edmonds can help. Our organic colour services are available at both our London salons, and are a real treat for your hair.

Get Organic with Paul Edmonds here.

Glaze & Gloss

From 30 to 250

Want to try something a little different? Then try our Glaze and Gloss treatment, which we apply during your full colour treatment. This colour method consists of a semi-permanent hair colour application, adding shine to your hair colour. It either ensures that brassy tones are abolished, or warmth is created within the colour you’re transitioning to.

Get the hair colour you want with that perfect shine; find out more about Glaze & Gloss here.

Our Colour Technicians

Our huge library of colour technicians have experience in a range of hair colour approaches, from hair tints, creative colour, balayage and more. The colour technicians at Paul Edmonds are all L’Oreal Professional Colour Degrees Specialists, so you know you’re in expert hands when you come and get your hair done with us.

Colour Consultations

When you book a hair colour appointment at Paul Edmonds, we ask all new clients to come in and arrange a 30 minute consultation with a colour technician before booking one of our colour services or treatments.

The reason we ask this, is to get an understanding and visual look at your hair, so we can make sure that on the day of your appointment, we’ve got everything we need to get you to the colour you’re after.

During your appointment, a colour technician will discuss your lifestyle (for example, whether you prefer to use organic and vegan hair products, whether you’re visiting abroad or going on holiday), your hair care regime, and long-term hair colour expectations. All of these factors are important to consider when you’re undergoing a hair colour overhaul.

Our colour technicians will also look at your hair type, the condition its in and any styling requirements to ensure that your desired look is achievable.

All of our colour consultations will incorporate an allergy test, which is a prerequisite of booking a further colour appointment with us – we just want to make sure your skin isn’t allergic to any of the elements contained in the products we use! This test must be carried out 48 hours before your appointment, in advance of any colour treatment.

Colour Consultation Costs

Depending on the colour technician’s level will depend on the cost of your consultation. They can range from £25 to £50 depending on this, but don’t worry, these costs are redeemable against your colour appointment, should you go ahead and book your colour transformation with us!

To book your consultation today, contact either our Knightsbridge Hair and Beauty Salon or Battersea Power Station Hair and Beauty Salon, or make an appointment here!