Creative Colour

What is Creative Colour?

Creative colour dyeing techniques involve exploring short-term hair trends, such as pastels, fun colours and fashion trends – unicorn hair, mermaid hair, rainbow hair, petrol hair etc. Utilising different hair techniques, Paul Edmonds hair colourists can get you to the hair colour of your dreams – whether that be a creative colour such as pastel pink or deep purple, or if it’s turning your natural brown into a beautiful auburn. Book your creative colour treatment at our salon in Battersea Power Station or our hair salon in Knightsbridge today.

Colourist Creative Colour
Head of Colour 250 p/hr
Creative Director 220 p/hr
Artistic Director 200 p/hr
Senior Technician 170 p/hr
Technician 150 p/hr
Jack Howard 360 p/hr

Creative Colour Hair Colourist in London

Paul Edmonds hair colour technicians have extensive experience managing significant colour changes and dyeing even the most stubborn dark hair. Whether you’re transitioning from a dark hair colour to a bold and bright one, or you want a whole host of colour throughout your hair, it’s always do-able with Paul Edmonds.

When consulting with your professional hair colourist on the colour you want to dye your hair, they will be able to recommend the right course of action to transitioning your current hair colour with minimal compromise to your hair’s condition – this may involve multiple visits to the salon.

How to Maintain Colourful Hair?

Ensuring your hair remains in a positive condition will be at the top of your hair colourist’s priority list. If you’re transitioning to a completely new colour, which is brighter and lighter than your current hair, the applied creative colour treatment will require ongoing care. Your hair colourist will provide you with an aftercare routine, using our favourite post-colour care products.

Depending on how fast your hair grows will determine how often you’ll need your roots touching up, and how often you’ll need your creative colour refreshed. If you’ve gone for a lighter colour, such as blonde or light brown, you’ll need a regular toner to keep your hair cool not brassy – and if you’ve had an unusual colour such a pink or purple, you’ll want your colour refreshed on a regular basis to keep it bright and beautiful.

Are you interested in having your hair dyed in a new creative colour? Book an appointment today or give us a call at our Knightsbridge or Battersea Power Station salon to find out more information