What are Highlights?

Highlights are sections and strands of your hair that are dyed a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour; this is done to brighten the overall colour of your hair, and add softness and dimension to your hair. This allows your hair to frame your face more, and also create a little more excitement to your hair colour without damaging or dying your whole head of hair. Book in at our Battersea Power Station hair salon or our hair salon in Knightsbridge today.

HIGHLIGHTS Half Head Full Head Half Head & Tint Full Head & Tint
Head of Colour 250 330 305 385
Creative Director 220 280 270 330
Artistic Director 200 250 250 300
Senior Technician 170 215 225 270
Technician 150 180 195 230
Jack Howard 360 480 480 590

How are Highlights Applied?

There are several ways which highlights can be applied, but the most commonly used technique colourists use is Foils. These are suitable for all hair types, however your hair colourist will discuss with you which technique they’ll use based on your hair style and length..

Foils are used for a variety of hair colouring treatments. A full head of foils is used for a refreshed look all over, whereas a half head of foils is used for more subtlety. As well as this, we can offer highlights and tint, which is also available as a full head treatment or half head treatment, perfect to cover your greys or hide your natural colour.

How Often Will I Need Highlights?

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can normally have highlights added to your hair and leave them for several months – as with half a head of highlights, you’ll only be looking at having half of your hair coloured, therefore there will be less regrowth, and less need for constant maintenance.

With a full head of foils, you’re looking at more regular maintenance, as your natural colour will begin showing (depending on how fast your hair grows), so you’ll need touch ups every now and again. However, you’ll only normally need a full head of foils done once, and that’s initially – you’ll be able to get away with half a head of highlights in the future to keep uo the colour.

How Are Highlights Different to Normal Colouring Techniques?

Highlights are different to things like tints, a full head of colour or shatush; highlights are usually only applied three shades lighter than your base colour, therefore there isn’t usually a huge difference in colour.

Highlights also aim to lighten your hair in a more natural way, whereas a full head of colour is going to be simply one block colour on your hair, and tints are only going to cover a certain section of your hair that it’s applied to.

Highlights are a great way to disguise grey naturally, and allow the grey to grow through in a more manageable way without having to retouch your hair every other week. It’s also a great way to break up regrowth lines, so if you’re looking to go darker or lighter than your natural colour, highlights can help you avoid that awkward regrowth phase by blending colour to your hair root, therefore creating a natural wave of colour when your regrowth does creep in.

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