Men’s Grooming

Paul Edmonds salons offer a discreet, sophisticated environment for men’s grooming, with treatments that can be added on to your hair appointment to maximise the time you have available. Whatever the reason for your visit, we aim to add a touch of luxury that is hard to find elsewhere.

Our therapists offer a range of services to incorporate into your regular routine, or to prepare for an important event or holiday. They can also offer expert advice on skincare and aesthetic treatments.

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Bare All (eyebrow, underarm, full arm, full leg, back, chest, buttocks and abdomen) 280
Nose 15 mins, 15
Ears 15 mins, 15
Abdomen 15-30 mins, 30
Back 30 mins, 40
Chest 30 mins, 40
Toes 15 mins, 15
Buttocks 30 mins, 50
Beard Trim 20
Manicure 35
Express Manicure 25
File & Finish 15