Organic Colour

What is Organic Hair Colour?

Organic Hair Colour is designed especially for those who follow a specific lifestyle, such as vegetarians or vegans. For those with sensitive to traditional hair colour treatments, organic hair colour can also be the perfect way for you to achieve the hair colour you want without hurting your scalp. Book your organic hair colour treatment in our salon in Battersea Power Station or our hair salon in Knightsbridge today.

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What are Organic Hair Colour Products Like?

Our organic colour products are supplied by Organic Colour Systems. These products are formulated with the maximum number of certified organic ingredients, all sourced in the UK. These products are soft on your hair, and will

What’s the Difference Between Normal & Organic Hair Care Services?

Organic colour application services differ from our usual colouring services, due to the added time and application required as part of the process.

Before your appointment, you’ll need to have a patch test at least 48 hours in advance of your first consultation with your colourist. At your consultation, your technician will also discuss the desired look you’re looking for, and the anticipated effects of organic colour on your hair.

The application of organic hair services may take slightly longer than the normal hair dyeing process, due to the range of different products used to ensure your hair remains in the best condition.

In order to get the best results from your organic hair colour, and to maintain it over time, it is important to invest in Organic Systems aftercare products.

Are you interested in using Organic Hair Care applications for your next hair appointment? Find out more and contact us at one of our London Salons here.