What are they?

Great hair and great skin? At Paul Edmonds we offer you both. Our high-end facials and non-surgical procedures can be added on to your hair appointment with the utmost discretion. Nobody need know that you’re having a filler treatment when you come to have your hair done – we’ll keep it just between us!

Every appointment begins with a complimentary consultation and skin analysis, during which one of our expert practitioners will suggest a bespoke combination of techniques and therapies for incredible end results. They will explain any downtime and create a tailored skincare prescription of recommended products for you to use at home.

We use products from a carefully curated collection of premium skincare ranges, including organic and cosmeceutical options. To enhance the effectiveness of your facial, your therapist may suggest combining it with one or more of our advanced skincare technologies such as LED light therapy, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion or micro needling.

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SKIN BRIGHT FACIAL ↓ Reduce pigmentation and even skin tone, using micro dermabrasion and GL and C exfoliation to remove surface dead skin cells, infuse skin with a unique cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins using transdermal mesotherapy to block pigmentation, even skin tone, soften skin texture and reduce inflammation. For the ultimate results 5 sessions recommended over a 3 month period.
60mins, £210
90mins, £250
with LED


SKIN-C FIRMING FACIAL ↓ A vitamin C masque and serum deliver intense hydration, leaving skin feeling healthier and more youthful.
60mins, £95
DEEP PORE CLEANSING FACIAL ↓ Perfect for skin prone to congestion and breakouts. Hydrates, heals and minimises pores without drying.
60mins, £95
ANTI-AGEING FACIAL ↓ Powerful antioxidants tackle sun damage, accelerate cell renewal and regulate pigmentation for brighter, rejuvenated skin and a youthful glow.
60mins, £95
BLEMISH AND AGE FACIAL ↓ Clears congested skin, calms redness, replenishes lost moisture and restores natural radiance. Skin appears firmer and more toned, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.
60mins, £95
CALMING FACIAL ↓ Active botanicals hydrate without oiliness to soothe and calm skin that is prone to roseacea or acne. An ideal treatment for sensitive, stressed or tired complexions.
60mins, £95
INSTANT ILLUMINATING FACIAL ↓ Pushed for time? A perfect pick-me-up to restore radiance with instant results and no downtime. Make-up can be reapplied immediately.
30mins, £60 
PAUL EDMONDS SIGNATURE CITY RADIANCE FACIAL ↓ A luxurious, antioxidant facial designed for city-dwellers who want to prevent the signs of ageing. Incorporates exfoliation, extraction and hydration to tone, cleanse and soothe congested skin.
105mins £275
KISSABLE LIPS FACIAL ↓ A mini-facial that refreshes and replenishes skin around the mouth to make lips look and feel fuller. Ideal before an important occasion or evening out.
15mins, £25


PAUL EDMONDS ULTIMATE FACIAL ↓ A bespoke facial, tailored to your needs with a cherry-picked combination of products and therapies. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, massage, masque, hydration plus therapies to address specific skin concerns.
105mins £275
PAUL EDMONDS SIGNATURE CITY RADIANCE FACIAL ↓ A luxurious, antioxidant facial designed for city-dwellers who want to prevent the signs of ageing. Incorporates exfoliation, extraction and hydration to tone, cleanse and soothe congested skin.
105mins, £275
PAUL EDMONDS BESPOKE BIODYNAMIC FACIAL ↓ Organic and biodynamic products are combined into a powerful, holistic treatment that is tailored specifically to your skin's needs.
75mins, £200


AGE CORRECTIVE FACIAL ↓ An anti-ageing boost that leaves skin feeling refreshed, firm and smooth. Incorporates natural retinol alternatives, coconut, bamboo and neroli oil to hydrate, replenish and renew.
75mins, £110
MOISTURE NOURISH FACIAL ↓ A nurturing, calming treatment for stressed or over-exposed complexions. Natural ingredients soothe and moisturise skin to leave it refreshed and hydrated. Suitable for sensitive skin.
75mins, £110
EIGHT GREENS FACIAL ↓ Harnesses the natural power of eight super-charged greens to address dehydration, pigmentation, breakouts and poor elasticity and restore a youthful glow.
75mins, £110
ORGANIC ARCTIC BERRY REJUVENATING FACIAL ↓ A luxurious, rejuvenating treatment that incorporates fruit acid exfoliation followed by soothing natural ingredients to calm irritation, rehydrate, boost collagen and restore radiance.
75mins, £110
ORGANIC ARCTIC BERRY PEEL ↓ A natural exfoliation treatment with active botanicals that sloughs away congested cells to reveal clearer, smoother, illuminated skin beneath.
30mins,  £60
ORGANIC GALVANIC HYDRATION ↓ After a deep cleansing treatment, active ingredients are introduced via galvanic therapy to rehydrate, oxygenate and improve suppleness. Covers face, neck and décolleté.
90mins, £125