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What is Shatush?

Shatshu is a free-hand hair technique, that leaves your hair looking naturally lightened. Shatush aims to highlight your high in a way that it looks as though it has been “sun-kissed,” creating an all-year-round warmth to your hair, whatever the season.

Similar to balayage , the result is a soft transition of colour from root to tip. Created by Italian celebrity hair stylist Aldo Coppola, this technique created revolutionary new lighting effects to the hair, without involving the use of foil. The hair is lightened in two to four tones, with the result showcasing a dark to light gradient of colour from mid-hair to tip. Book in at our Battersea Power Station hair salon or our hair salon in Knightsbridge today.

Colourist Shatush Half Head Shatush Full Head Waving / Forme
Head of Colour  245 325
Creative Director 205 260 95
Artistic Director 180 225
Senior Technician 155 195
Technician 130 165

 How is Shatush Applied?

Shatush is applied free-handed, so you’re going to want to ensure you have only the best colourist working on your hair when this technique is used. Backcombing your hair, the colour is applied only the the length and tips of your hair, leaving the base or root of your hair untouched.

The colourist will comb out the colour into single strands once your hair has been backcombed, allowing a range of shades to be worked across your hair and reflected in your final colour, creating that summer holiday look.

Will Shatush Ruin My Hair?

The amazing thing about the Shatush application, is that it is only worked through the mid-to-ends of your hair, allowing your natural colour on top to remain. This therefore requires low maintenance, and easy treatment through a range of hair care products to keep your ends smooth and strong.

Can Shatush Be Applied To All Hair Lengths?

As Shatush uses a backcombing and combed-out technique, this hair colour approach normally only applies to those with medium to long hair, due to the way that the colour is applied. However, if you contact our salon we are able to provide you with a full breakdown of how this treatment can be done on shorter hair lengths.

Does Shatush sound like the colouring option for you? If so, contact our team today at either our London Knightsbridge of Battersea address, or book online here today!