Introducing the New Eminence Skin Calming Facial

What makes our Eminence Organic Skin Calming Facial so loved by our clients and beauty editors? Of course there is the fact that, once again, Eminence have created a results driven facial that harnesses the power of organic plants and flowers, and that is as kind on the environment as it is on your face… but there is something more.

‘That was heavenly,’ said one client. ‘One minute I was back in my childhood running over a camomile lawn and then I was strolling along a tropical beach sipping a Pina Colada! I feel deeply refreshed!’


Sunita, a Skin care expert at theHouse in Paul Edmonds explained why:

‘A lot of the added power that an Eminence facial has is the effect that aromatherapy has on a person. Aromatherapy works on your limbic system via the olfactory system. In other words, the scents triggers the part of your brain that manages emotions, memories and pleasure. We all know that smells triggers different emotions in people and these can make a person feel good. We also know that if you feel good, you look good. We love how this Eminence Calming Facial makes people feel great which adds to the holistic effectiveness of the facial.”

What is the Eminence Calming Facial?

‘All our facials are tailored to the client’s skin type, so there is no prescriptive ‘one size fits all’ approach. However some of the products that are used that have an extremely uplifting effect on our clients are the Calm Skin Camomile Cleanser, the Sweet Red Rose Tonique for example. People love the tropical freshness of the super active Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel and also a special treat for those with sensitive skin Yellow Sweet Clover Anit-Redness.

What Is Unique to Paul Edmonds London?

At Paul Edmonds we have also add in Dermalux LED Light Therapy as it has such a proven track record of enhancing the effectiveness of the treatments and products its teamed with. We decide if you need Red, Blue or both to help your individual needs – from the reduction of fine lines to Rosacea. During this very bright section of the facial we keep the connection and the calming therapy with a hand and arm massage to reduce hidden tensions and activate acupresure points.

Sunita Chouhan Skin Care Expert at theHouse

Sunita Chouhan Skin Care Expert at theHouse

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