Margot Robbie’s Hair Makeover for The Legend of Tarzan

Lady of the moment Margot Robbie in her role as Jane in this summer’s blockbuster The Legend of Tarzan undertook a hair colour change from blonde to red but she also needed to transition back to blonde quickly for her next film!

Tracey Patterson, Creative Colour Director at Paul Edmonds London is the colour genius behind transforming Margot Robbie’s hair colour.

Halfups work well in the jungle heat.

Halfups work well in the jungle heat.

Here are Tracey’s expert tips on how she achieved this softy gold red look:

Firstly, Tracey had to perform a colour correction from brown and created a rich natural looking red using the tricolore technique pioneered at Paul Edmonds London. Tracey used Gold Titian and Auburn highlights then proceeded to tint the rest of her hair a Copper Red.

For continuity Tracey translated this colour across Margot’s stunt double along with British actress Ella Purnell who plays the Young Jane.

This technique allowed Tracey to convert Margot’s hair colour back to blonde without damaging her hair by adding in more and more blonde sections to the highlights over a period of time. Tracey used Olaplex protein treatment directly after the colour to strengthen the bonds in the hair resulting in long-lasting colour.

Tracey Patterson

Creative Colour Director, Tracey Patterson

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Watch Tarzan’s action packed trailer here and marvel at Margot’s beautiful soft gold red hair!