What is a Hair Tint?

A hair tint changes the colour of your hair semi-permanently – whether that be your roots, a select section of your hair or the whole head of hair. Hair tints will wash out over time – so there is a general upkeep to maintain. When having a hair tint it’s important to use the right hair care colour products, so you can ensure that the colour remains vibrant and strong. Book in at our hair salon in Battersea or our hair salon in Knightsbridge today.

Colourist Tint & Revive Tint Tricolour Tint
Head of Colour From 150 140  From 60
Creative Director 135 125  From 60
Artistic Director 120 110  From 60
Senior Technician 105 95  From 60
Technician 90 80  From 60
Jack Howard 150 150  From 60

How is Hair Tint Applied?

Hair tints work by depositing colour on top of the strands, without lifting its original pigment. As the colour is placed on top of strands rather than being deposited into the hair cuticle, this has less of an effect in colouring your hair for longer periods of time, as the colour doesn’t seep as deeply into your hair.

How Often Will I Need Touch-Ups?

Based on the speed your hair grows will depend on how often you need touch-ups. If your hair is slow-growing, you may only need touch-ups once a month, whereas those with quick growth may need their greys doing fortnightly.

What are Hair Tints Best For?

A tint is best for those wanting to cover up grey roots – everyone’s hair grows at different rates, therefore a tint is a great way to cover up those hairs creeping through without constantly putting dye on your whole hair. This can create dry hair, split ends and unhealthy hair.

Do you want to cover your roots? Get a hair tint with Paul Edmonds today.