Aesthetic treatments launch at Paul Edmonds Battersea salon. Here's why it's worth the hype...

Are you ready to feel like the very best version of yourself? It's easier (and more discreet) than ever now that aesthetic treatments have launched at the Paul Edmonds Battersea salon.

To celebrate the launch of Battersea's newest service offering, we asked our aesthetic specialist Sharon Gilshenan to share why her approach is so different and why it's worth learning more about the treatments on offer.

Aesthetics: you on a good day

Aesthetics: you on a good day

The ethos at Paul Edmonds is holistic beauty — taking a caring approach to nourish the hair and skin, so you can become your best self. Aesthetic treatments are no different! We take a natural approach, focusing on hydrating and rejuvenating the skin so it looks less tired.

Our head aesthetician Sharon says: 

"The visible signs of ageing don't start to show until you're 25 years old. After that point, you start to age very slowly — your hyaluronic acid and collagen deplete steadily. By the time a woman reaches menopause, she's lost around 60% of her collagen.

"We're constantly having to find ways of replenishing our skin and injectables are probably one of the best ways to do it. After all, the skin is the canvas of the face — good skin will keep you looking younger for longer."

Aesthetic treatments can help ease some of the more visible signs of ageing, such as poor skin texture, dull skin tone, and pigmentation. It's a discreet way to add some of that luminescence back without creating a drastic or uncanny appearance. You should always walk out looking like yourself, but on a really good day!

As well as offering a 'less is more' approach to wrinkle reduction procedures and dermal fillers, our aesthetics services also include chemical-free Profhilo hyaluronic acid treatments.

"A Profhilo treatment is different to Botox and fillers. It's basically like putting moisturiser into the skin," Sharon says. "It has very clever properties. It creates collagen and it's one of the most discreet, elegant treatments I have ever come across. It's nurturing."

Entrust your visage to the best in the business

Entrust your visage to the best in the business

Sharon Gilshenan isn't your average aesthetician. Just like the rest of the team at Paul Edmonds London, she's a recognised industry expert and has been working alongside Paul for over 10 years (some of you might know her already!). 

Sharon has been a qualified nurse for 35 years and spent most of her career in senior NHS positions. In fact, she was one of the first nurses in the UK to gain the qualification to prescribe medication to patients.

"I look at clients from a medical point of view," Sharon says. "As we chat, I'll be assessing their skin from a medical perspective and listening to them for any signs of body dysmorphia or anything else that might be going on. It's about a holistic approach. After 35 years as a nurse, it's automatic!"

Not just a highly qualified medical professional, Sharon is also a respected authority in aesthetics and has been in the industry for 14 years. She taught aesthetics to medical professionals across the UK as a national trainer.

Sharon's approach to her work is also very different from anything you'll find elsewhere. Her personal life has given her a unique perspective on aesthetic work, and it's a huge part of what makes her such a considered, empathetic, and intuitive aesthetic expert. 

"I've got a cleft lip and palate. I've undergone 25 operations on my face, and I think this is what makes me the way I am with clients who come for treatments. I totally understand what it's like not to feel 100 per cent. I know first-hand the power an aesthetician has over a person's sense of self." 

These life experiences are the reason you'll never hear Sharon use the words 'beautification' or 'more beautiful'. Instead, she approaches each client with the view that they're beautiful in their own right, and it's the cornerstone of everything she does.

The Paul Edmonds difference

The Paul Edmonds difference

Care is a big part of the service at our salons. When you make a booking with Sharon, she'll always start with a consultation and a full medical history, and an honest discussion about what you want.

"For me, it's about listening to what the client wants and understanding how they feel. We create a working plan together about what they see as an issue and me being ready to step in as the voice of reason, if necessary," she says. "That's the nature of the code of conduct I signed up to and I take that really seriously."

Our approach will always be focused on making discreet improvements that give the impression of you on a good day. "It's all about synergy. That's Paul's approach and it's always been mine, too," says Sharon. "I'll be looking to match someone's overall aesthetic and personality to what they want. It's about being graceful with it and never going too far."

Using aesthetics as part of your in-clinic treatment plan

Using aesthetics as part of your in-clinic treatment plan

Aesthetic treatments are best used as part of a wider treatment plan or care routine. Whether you're using high quality skincare at home or combining that with regular facial treatments and peels, adding a discreet aesthetic treatment into the mix can elevate and prolong the results.

Sharon says: "aesthetic treatments go hand in hand with other treatments, like facials, micro-needling, radiofrequency treatments, all of those. It's all about maintenance. The better your skin integrity is, the better all of these other treatments work."

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Sharon is quick to point out that there's very little point investing in aesthetic treatments if you don't have a comprehensive skincare ritual in your daily routine. "There's no point in doing all of this if you aren't putting your retinol on or using SPF when you go out into the sun," says Sharon.

Looking after your own self-care basics help elevate the care you get in-clinic with the Paul Edmonds aesthetic specialists. "It's all about the journey and the care plan. That's what's going to keep you looking fresher for longer," says Sharon. "The kinder you are to your skin, the better it will respond. Skin has great memory — the way we treat it now will make a real difference in the future."

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Are you ready to meet Sharon at our Battersea Power Station salon? Book a treatment or consultation today and take your personal care regime to the next level. Want to be super discreet? We can book your treatment for the same day as your hair appointment or beauty treatment.