Men's hair care: how to combat thinning hair with Kérastase Genesis Homme

It's a sight enough to make any man's heart drop: a few too many fallen hairs strewn across your pillow or clinging to your shirt. Luckily, hair fall caused by weakness or breakage is preventable with the right care routine. Luckier still, the team at Paul Edmonds London has found a science-backed men's hair care range that might help.

Meet Genesis Homme, the very first dual-action, anti-fall hair care range for men, from global hair care titans, Kérastase. This new release is based on the highly successful anti hair-fall range for women but re-formulated to meet the specific needs of men's hair. 

Learn more about how Genesis Homme could help you regain hair strength, why Paul chose it for you, and how you can boost recovery with lifestyle changes and salon treatments.

What causes hair thinning and hair loss?


The average human can lose anything from 50 to 100 hairs in a day. If your hair is thick or darker in colour, your average daily hair loss might look more severe than it really is! More serious male hair thinning can be caused by dozens of things, like genetics (the most common cause), stress, diet, or dramatic weight loss. 

Hair thinning and hair fall can also be caused by poor scalp condition or weakened hair fibres. When your hair strength is compromised, it's more prone to breakage — simple things like brushing or pulling a jumper over your head can be enough to cause the hair to break off. 

Product ranges like Genesis Homme are great for anyone suffering from weakened hair. By fortifying and strengthening the hair fibres, you can start building the thick growth associated with good health.

How to strengthen hair with Kérastase Genesis Homme


Genesis Homme hair thinning treatment is formulated to address concerns around density loss and hair fall. Paul and the team regularly treat similar issues in the salon and have been looking for a comprehensive range to prescribe to clients. Because Genesis Homme is a complete, 5-product cleansing and styling routine, it's the perfect solution. 

Kérastase has taken a 'dual-action' approach, formulating Genesis Homme products to strengthen the hair fibre while reducing hair-fall caused by breakage. Instrumental tests showed 85% less combing breakage after just one Bain De Masse shampoo application versus a classic formulation. It's all in the science…

Science-backed formulations 

When choosing a product for our online edit, Paul and the team look at whether the brand can provide tangible results and whether it cares for the hair as well as healing it. Genesis Homme does both.

Kérastase has formulated the range using ginger root, creatine, and expanding polymers to help strengthen and thicken the hair fibre. The products are also enriched with Aminexil — a patented chemical molecule developed by L'Oréal to help improve thinning hair.

Paul Edmonds London prioritises a holistic approach to care and wellness, which makes this new range an even better fit — you have a solution for each stage of your care routine, from cleansing to treatment and styling. Each product in the routine is formulated to keep adding strength and thickness to hair, taking care of two issues at once.

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Inside the Genesis Homme home care routine

Step 1 – bathe

Bain de Force

Bain De Force Quotidien

Purify and fortify your hair with this daily cleansing shampoo. It's formulated with strengthening creatine and ginger root, and has a tingling, cooling sensation on the scalp.

Bain de Masse

Bain De Masse Épaississant

Formulated to boost hair thickness, Bain De Masse Épaississant uses an expanding polymer alongside creatine and ginger root to increase volume and texture. It gently clarifies beard, scalp, and hair for a softer feel with up to 85% less hair fall from breakage. 

Step 2 – Treat (scalp)


Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

Use this daily serum to help reinforce the hair fibre and preserve your scalp's skin barrier. It's enriched with Aminexil, creatine, and ginger root to help minimise hair fall caused by weakness. 

Step 3 – Texturize (lengths)


Spray De Force Épaississant

Add extra volume and fullness in your styling routine as well as when you cleanse. This strength and thickness boosting spray gives volume for up to 24 hours. Its light hold and non-sticky texture adds finesse to finished styles and gives the sensation of fuller hair. 


Cire D' Épaisseur Texturisante

Thicken while you style! This instant, thickening moulding clay offers flexible, medium hold and a non-sticky, matte finish while helping to strengthen the hair. 

Taking a holistic approach to hair fall and thinning 

The team at Paul Edmonds London have seen it all when it comes to diagnosing and treating men's hair issues. Our experts give a thorough consultation and assessment at the start of each appointment. They'll also provide a tailored homecare plan and treatment recommendations to help support optimum hair health. 

Although Genesis Homme is an effective men's hair loss treatment on its own, you can give it a boost by booking an Ultimate Protein Rejuvenating treatment to help rebuild strength and restore elasticity.

You could also combine your home care routine with sophisticated hair-growth supplements. Paul and the team recommend Viviscal Professional supplements because they're the UK's most clinically researched brand and have the power to nourish hair from within. 

When combined with daily self-care, Genesis Homme can help you begin to rebuild hair strength. Your journey to thicker, fuller hair begins here!

Start your anti-hair fall routine now — head to the online shop and treat yourself to some products from the new range. Want an expert opinion? Book a consultation with our experts in-salon and let us look after you.