Britain’s Next Top Model, Meet The Girls!

As the new series of Britain’s Next Top Model starts we can’t wait for you to get to know the girls! Paul Edmonds London is the official hairdressers of BNTM series 11 and we want to share with you a bit about the 12 stunning finalists. We will be following their journey throughout the series so to keep up with all things BNTM and Paul Edmonds London follow our blog story, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Abigail Heaton


Abby is a 19 year old 5’8 Barmaid from Manchester. Abby grew up on a chicken farm and now struts her stuff as a waitress practising her catwalk during shifts. Abby is a rock n’ roll chick with long brown hair and lots of it, who loves Alexander McQueen and all things leather. Has she got what it takes to win Britain’s Next Top Model series 11?

Alannah Beirne


Alannah learned to catwalk from her Mother at a young age. The 6’0 22 year old grew up in Naas, Ireland and now works as an Assistant Manager at a pub. Alannah is used to being in the spotlight, with mid length dark blonde fine hair, from playing her flute in front of crowds but how will she cope on Britain’s Next Top Model? Along side her musical background Alannah loves the outdoors, painting and has a keen eye for visual merchandising.

Anastasia Ellis


Anastasia a travel loving 5’9.5 20 year old former blue haired hippy now works as a Henna Artist. Anastasia spends her spare time hula-hooping, pole dancing and practicing yoga, she has thick strong brown hair with a twist one to watch for make over day. The aspiring Britain’s Next Top Model sees fashion as an art that enables you to be a new character in a new body.

Bianca Thomas


Bianca, the 21 year old 5’10 tattooed beauty has a passion to inspire other tattooed women to enter the modelling industry. Bianca has come from an extremely Britain’s Next Top Model supportive family in Lowestoft and spends her days working on a holiday resort for the elderly. She has had medium length brown highlighted hair from midlengths to ends, wonder what will happen to that !. Alongside loving doing her hair and makeup, Bianca can be found playing football and eating McDonald’s!

Chloe Lockley- Middleton


Chloe already has a huge 20,000 following on Twitch “the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.” Even though she is teased for liking “boy stuff” and being a “geek” she believes every women should be proud of their body. She has long thick curly hair, has a natural friendly personality and loves all classic fashion houses.

Eleanor Sippings


Eleanor prides herself having watched every episode of Britain’s Next Top Model. The 5’8 18 year old from Colchester now believes it’s her time to win the crown. The Essex Caterer employed at the Zoo is a straight talking former beauty queen who loves shopping and aspires to be a Victoria’s Secret model, with long dark blonde hair with lighter midlengths to ends we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Jennifer Malengele


Jennifer a 5’8 18 year old from London is inspired to push boundaries in the fashion industry and in the upcoming series. Jennifer desires to inspire women of colour to pursue their dreams of modelling, she has thick curly natural textured hair. Alongside this Jennifer is a passionate vlogger with her own YouTube channel and is currently studying at College.

Olivia Wardell


Olivia is BNTM’s youngest contestant at 18 but she does not let her age get in the way of her modelling dreams. Olivia from Southampton shares her love of fashion with her 82 year old Grandmother and is currently waitressing in a café, her hair is long brown glossy hair. The 6’1 aspiring model idolises Kendall Jenner and has just finished her A Levels in English, Textiles and Photography.

Simone Murphy


Simone, the 5’10.5 22 year old Event Manager from Edinburgh is a cheerleading vegan who is fabulously influenced by the Flower Power movement in the 70’s. Simone is the ultimate party girl, with light brown below the shoulder length hair, who has been seen hosting for Scott Disick and has completed three seasons in Ibiza.

Tallulah Bluebell


Tallulah, the 5’8 19 year old Britt-School attendee from London loves going to exhibitions and has an over whelming desire to paint people. Tallulah has long sun kissed wavy hair and she absolutely hates body shaming and backstabbers, follow her story to see how she copes in the Britain’s Next Top Model house!

Talulah- Eve Brown


Talulah is one not to be messed with. The 22 year old 5’8 Bar Supervisor and Trans Rights Campaigner holds a black belt in Karate, blogs for The Huffington Post and currently holds the title of Miss Transgender, Birmingham. Talulah is not a stranger to the industry as she was the 2016 Ambassador of Marie Claire’s Breakfree Campaign, she has long brown hair and adapts her style. Talulah believes she can win BNTM’s 2017 title as she believes there is no one like her, we can’t wait to see her transformation.

Victoria Clay


Victoria the 5’10 23 year old academic who graduated with a first- class honours in Print Design can be seen in the same circles as the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio. Victoria describes herself as “an English Rose with great boobs, she also has the longest natural strawberry blonde hair we have seen.” She is a straight-talking party girl from Liverpool who says that the other girls will just have to deal with her knack for pushing other people’s buttons!

PELoves all of the new BNTM girls and we can’t wait to see what they’re made of! At Paul Edmonds London at our Knightsbridge location, we have met all of the girls and we think they’re all fabulous. In our opinion it’s going to be a tough competition.

At Paul Edmonds London we will be blogging after each episode to give you exclusive behind the scenes access including hair tips and tricks from our team and Paul himself to achieve the aspiring model’s looks, make sure you watch the Get The Looks on youtube, we will provide a link too !