Endocare – Best Kept Secret in Skincare?

We have introduced skincare brand and visionaries Endocare to introduce packages that help our clients plan and obtain maximum skincare results within their schedules.

Endocare – What Makes It Different?

As your skin matures the elements that comprise the various parts which contribute to your youthful glow deplete and become less efficient over time, such as fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness begin to reduce which result in fine lines and wrinkles appearing. Blood circulation to your skin becomes less efficient, giving a less vibrant appearance.


The medical industry have researched the ability of growth factors to help repair skin most notably in trials and cases of acute burns post radio therapy treatments for cancer where the assistance of growth factors helped mitigate downtime and improved skin composition.

The secret ingredient was the discovery of a very clever little creature, the Cryptomphalus Aspersa snail (SCA Biorepair). This little fellow secretes a growth factor when disturbed in order that it might regenerate its body and shell if need be. It doesn’t take much to disturb them, a gentle rubbing is all it takes to get them secreting this growth factor and the results, it was discovered, are exceptional. Endocare have taken the SCA Biorepair and combined it with skin loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, hexapeptides and calcium firming complexes to give clinically proven anti-aging results to your skin.

Who Is It For?

A lot of Paul Edmonds skincare clients are looking for the next step in products and treatments that tighten skin and give discernible pronounced benefits without surgery. You may be already using your antioxidents such as Vitamin Cs and Es but you feel that the fine lines and loss of elasticity persist, that’s when you need the Endocare skincare range which is ideal in conjunction with your antioxidents or part of the Paul Edmonds customised packages which can also target areas of pigmentation, skin density and texture

As a result Endocare are the workers that do the renewing, it’s the homecare that makes the difference and your salon treatments such as Micro needling, radio frequency and Mesotherapy add to an even more potent and consistent renewal process ensuring you get the maximum results for your skin short, medium and long term.

The Paul Edmonds Endocare Package

We decided to look at this the other way around. We know that by using Endocare at home your skin is working hard, collagen and fibroblasts are being produced and your extra-cellular matrix is getting stronger. All this ensures that your dermis is becoming plumper so it’s time to make sure that all these parts are working together and building/renewing your skin efficiently…

This is when the treatments are needed. So the Paul Edmonds Endocare Package puts together all the treatments that you need to support what you are doing at home – micro needling to improve the epidermal/dermal junction (which improves blood flow to the skin); LED light therapy to reduce your pigmentation; peels to ensuring your old dead skin is being removed effectively without harming the new cells being developed.

What Is Included in the Package?

Included in the packages are full homecare skin pack that includes your daily cleanser, day and night serums, moisturisers with antioxidants and growth factors.

Five salon visits tailored to your skin needs, whether its pigmentation, wrinkle reduction or brightening, there is a plan for you.

The House

Private Room in theHOUSE

How long does the package last?

The duration of the programme is approximately 2 months. They are divided into three phases:

Initial – focusing on skin texture, luster and free radical damage

Step Up – focusing on dermis regeneration, active cell nourishment and tightening/toning

Sustain – focusing on skin toning/tightening/lifting and cellular regeneration/nourishment

How Much Does It Cost:

The cost for each package is from £700

The results are fantastic! Ask your skin expert for more information by making an appointment with either Gene or Sunita or when you come in for your next visit to the multi award winning Paul Edmonds London.

For an appointment on how to take advantage of this exclusive new package with Gene or Sunita book now!