The skincare industry can be a confusing place. Whether your skin is dry, combination, oily or sensitive – there are thousands of products on the market that claim to combat your skin woes. But where do you start? 

Here at Paul Edmonds London, we know that complex and in-depth skincare routines aren't for everyone. So we found the perfect solution to help you achieve the age-defying results you want with no fuss.

Dr AJ Sturnham

Decree is the straightforward, gender-neutral and scientific skincare brand that gives your skin everything it needs. Founded by dermatology expert, Dr A J Sturnham, it cuts through the cluttered beauty-sphere so you can enjoy incredible results without the time-consuming regime. 

"I've spent my whole medical career combining my passion for medicine with my passion for dermatology. I'm very interested in looking at how our systemic health links in with our skin health, and this led me to become an expert in skincare."

Dr A J Sturnham, Founder of Decree Skincare


How does it work?

Decree is a simpler way to balance your skin and nurture a clear, healthy, vibrant complexion. Using a minimal line-up for maximum results, each product delivers the consistent dose of formulated skincare you need.

Believing that consistency is the key to healthier, more youthful and beautiful skin, Dr A J Sturnham has designed the products to be used daily, weekly, morning and evening for the best possible results. 

"People often ask me what I recommend in order to achieve your best skin. I always say let's start with looking at the basics. If you aren't sure where to start, my top advice is to go and see a skin specialist. They'll help to look at what you're currently using, what your skin needs and create a structured routine that you can use every single day."

Dr A J Sturnham, Founder of Decree

Unlike a lot of other brands, the range is specially designed to suit all skin types, using proven, effective ingredients for consistent results.

"You need to give skincare products time. This is not an overnight transformation. When we start you on a good skincare routine, you need to allow a good six weeks of use. Keep your products the same, use them consistently and your skin will really improve."

Dr A J Sturnham, Founder of Decree


Is Decree Sustainable

Sustainability is important to Decree, and they're constantly evolving their products and supply chain to be the best it can be for your skin and for the planet. All the products are either vegan already, or being reformulated to become vegan in the future. 

They've worked hard to make their packaging more sustainable, and even brought the first fully recyclable vegan sheet mask to the UK market. Everything from the outer packaging to the inner mask itself are made from natural materials. And instead of using plastic sheets to protect the mask, they use rose blossom which adds a touch of luxury. 

"It became clear that customers wanted products that were more sustainable. We worked really hard to create a vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable product. It's fully recyclable and you can even put it on the compost heap."

Dr A J Sturnham, Founder of Decree


One of our favourite ways to use Decree at the salon is during your backwash experience. To add an extra dose of indulgence to your appointment, you can request one of the SOS masks to enjoy during your bespoke hair wash. But be quick as we only have a limited number of complimentary masks available.

Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask

If you feel like your skin needs a little TLC, sit back and enjoy the calming, nourishing and hydrating effects of this rose-infused treatment mask. 

Decree SOS Revitalising Eye Mask

Eye Mask

Enriched with Decree's signature Rose Extract, this deeply hydrating and restorative mask instantly soothes, calms and rejuvenates the delicate skin around your eye area.

"I was inspired to create this product because tired eyes and anti-aging issues are always at the top of my patients' list of concerns. Many told me they struggled finding products that worked or that they enjoyed using."

Dr A J Sturnham, Founder of Decree



Light Cleanse – AM

A gentle yet effective morning cleanser to remove overnight congestion and excess oil. Softly foaming and infused with expertly dosed active ingredients, your skin will feel soft, plump and hydrated.

Deep Cleanse – PM

A deeply detoxifying clay and fruit acid enriched cleaners, this works perfectly to decongest pores, remove impurities and make-up during your evening cleanse.


Preparatory Mist

Combining the benefits of several day serums in one, this luxurious elixir is packed full of antioxidants and skin-boosting minerals.


Protect Elixir – AM

Combining the benefits of several day serums in one, this luxurious elixir is packed full of antioxidants and skin-boosting minerals.


Treat Tincture – PM

This gold-standard night serum is enriched with youth-enhancing actives and hydrators. Working hard to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening the skin and improving its texture.


Peptide Emollient Veil – AM

Infused with a blend of hard-working active ingredients, this daily moisturiser has a lightweight formula and silky texture that absorbs beautifully into the skin.

Peptide Emollient Veil + – PM

With all the benefits of the Peptide Emollient Veil with an added dose of hydrating ingredients, this is a rich and nourishing evening moisturiser.


Day Shield

The perfect daily protection against UV rays, pollution and blue light from your computer screen. This essential product delivers an invisible mist which absorbs easily over make-up, so you can top it up effortlessly throughout the day.

Are you ready to embrace a streamlined skincare regime that really works? Book yourself in for a consultation with our skin experts, or head to our online shop to start simplifying your line-up.