Fall for copper hair colours this autumn — we show you how to wear the trend!

Ever toyed with the idea of going copper? Now might be the perfect time. Autumn hair colours are trending for AW22, and it's a rich colour palette anyone can wear. We first debuted copper hair in the summer as one of our key 2022 colour trends; since then, it's only gotten hotter! 

Think it won't suit you? Think again! From the golden gleam of a caramel apple to the burnished russet of a freshly turned leaf, there's an autumn shade to suit everyone. Better yet, there are a million ways to wear it, depending on your lifestyle and hair condition. Here's how to cavort with copper this autumn…

Autumn hair: how to wear the trend

How to wear the trend

Shades of autumn are having a moment. Open your Instagram account or the pages of a glossy magazine, and you'll see celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, Barbie Ferreira, and Serena Williams all choosing to embrace copper, red, and auburn hair colour.

Paul Edmonds London senior colourist Julie says: "There's a trending TikTok or Instagram filter that makes people's hair turn copper, and it's made people want to embrace the trend. We definitely see clients turning towards warmer shades at this time of year."

As the trending filter proves, there's a warm autumnal shade to suit everyone. Blondes can shift towards a subtle strawberry, and darker-haired clients are well-placed to try a sultry burnt copper or mahogany.

The change doesn't have to be drastic, either. You can try something as simple and temporary as a red gloss treatment. It tints your hair red and washes out while giving glass-like gloss. It can easily be added to a cut or blow-dry appointment, too.

A great hair colourist will start with a consultation to thoroughly assess your hair and learn more about the look you want. For example, the colour technicians at Paul Edmonds London will ask about your lifestyle, budget, and how bold you want to go, then create a bespoke solution just for you. Better yet, they'll teach you how to care for your coloured hair to keep it looking vibrant for longer.

Essential Autumn hair colour care

Essential Autumn hair colour.

Our senior stylist Julie has been colouring her hair copper for a while. She says that, for her, colour-stripping shampoos can cause fade. 

"If it's vibrancy you're going for, you'll need to use a good colour-lasting shampoo to maintain it," she says. "You can get a pigmented shampoo for reds and coppers now like you do the blondes, so pure red and pure copper pigment. They help keep the colour vibrant."

Colour protection for red hair colour shades

Colour protection

Boost your cosmetic colour and keep brassiness at bay with eco-friendly neutralisers from Davines. Alchemic shampoos and conditioners are formulated with natural pure pigments to intensify and brighten coloured hair. We recommend the Copper Alchemic for lighter strawberry copper shades or Red Alchemic for a darker, red hair colour.

Universal colour protection

Shu Uemura Color Lustre is one of our most recommended product ranges for coloured hair. The sulphate-free formulation limits wash-out and delivers an intense hit of moisture, so your coloured hair shines with vibrancy.

Salon Glaze & Gloss treatments

Salon Glaze and Gloss

Pep up copper hair colours with a luscious Glaze & Gloss treatment in between colour appointments. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to apply and 20 minutes to develop, and will leave you with soft, shiny locks and an extra colour boost that'll last for up to eight weeks. It's a must-have treatment for coloured hair, especially scintillating autumn colours.

Have you been tempted to give copper hair and autumnal tones a try? Book a colour consultation today, and let us help you find your perfect, toasted shade. 

Already wearing the trend? Visit our online shop to stock up on colour-protecting essentials to keep your hair red hot.