Boost Natural & Cosmetic Colour with Davines Alchemic Range

Do you have coloured hair or feel like your natural colour needs a little oomphDavines Alchemic range is the answer to your prayers. These pure pigment shampoos and conditioners are waiting for you at Paul Edmonds London luxury hair and beauty salons in Knightsbridge and Battersea Power station, and are also available in our online shop. We think you’re going to love them…

Reasons to love Alchemic

The Alchemic system was developed to both intensify and brighten hair colour. It combines Davines’ sustainable and eco-friendly formulas in 6 amazing colours, each bringing its own unique benefit to your hair. To give extra shine and a soft natural feel, Alchemic shampoos and conditioners contain jojoba oil and are paraben and silicone-free.

Davines Alchemic

Davines Alchemic is the perfect home care system to maintain the shade and tone of your hair between hair colour services at the salon. Even if you have porous hair which takes colour unevenly, the gentle formulation in Davines Alchemic shampoos and conditioners will ensure you have vibrant, even coverage.

How to use Alchemic shampoos and conditioners

As with all Davines hair care, Alchemic product families can be mixed and matched with other ranges, such as LOVE CURL (a dedicated range of products for curly hair). The gently pigmented Alchemic Shampoo cleanses your hair and optimises the cuticle, to allow pigment-rich Alchemic Conditioners to gently neutralise, add lipids, and close the cuticle, to improve hair quality and shine.

Davines Love Curl

Alchemic shampoos and conditioners can be used as often as you like, with the exception of the silver shade, which should be mixed with a cleansing shampoo when used on very porous hair. We recommend mixing it with Davines A Single Shampoo (£19) or Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo (£36).

Davines A single shampoo

Alchemic Conditioners can be left in the hair for 5 to 10 minutes, to ensure the best results. Don’t be afraid of taking on too much colour — Paul’s top tip is to mix a small amount of conditioner with the shampoo (ratio 1:2) and use that to wash your hair. This will let you see how the pigment deposits. 


Alchemic wasn’t just created for bold new hair colours; you can use it to enhance your natural hair colour, too. Davines’ formulas will work with your hair to amplify natural colour and shine.

Find your perfect Alchemic colour


Davines Alchemic Silver

Davines Alchemic Shampoo Silver and Alchemic Conditioner Silver are perfect for platinum blondes, grey hair and highlighted grey/blonde hair. Over time, oxidation will turn your blonde hair brassy, but Alchemic works to deposit pigment which neutralises brassiness by removing those yellow tones.  


Davines Alchemic Golden

The Alchemic Shampoo Golden and Alchemic Conditioner Golden are great for golden blondes and our LA blonde tones. It will continue to intensify this colour by adding shine and vibrancy to golden hues.


Davines Alchemic Tobacco

Ideal for lighter brown hair, Alchemic Shampoo Tobacco and Alchemic Conditioner Tobacco will gently cleanse hair, optimising the brunette colour by giving it shine and depth.


Davines Alchemic Copper

Goes without saying that if you have natural copper or red hair, this one’s for you! Alchemic Shampoo Copper and Alchemic Conditioner Copper keep hair looking clean and vibrant. They won’t add pigment or change the shade, but your hair will look and feel new.


Davines Alchemic Red

For red and mahogany hair colours which need extra depth or a tonal change, Alchemic Shampoo Red and Alchemic Conditioner Copper will hit the right tone with great shine and vibrancy.


Davines Alchemic Chocolate

Alchemic Shampoo Chocolate and Alchemic Conditioner Chocolate will envelop darker brunette hair colours with richer chocolate tones. This product is particularly good for natural brunettes because it leaves hair shiny and visibly enhanced.


You can buy Alchemic Shampoo (£18) and Alchemic Conditioner (£22) in our online shop or treat yourself to a shampoo and conditioner bundle (£36) for lasting, vibrant colour. Bright, glossy tresses are nothing without a healthy scalp, so try Davines The Circle Chronicles nourishing masks, which are available in our online shop or in our salons as part of your colour, cut or blow dry service. 


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