Whether your hair is dry, frizzy, oily or damaged, it deserves to be treated to a daily dose of luxury. From moisturising treatments to damaged hair heroes, the Davines Essential Haircare range has everything you need to achieve shiny, healthy and perfectly styled locks – whatever your hair type.

Find your fix

Paul Edmonds helped to put Davines on the map way back in the 1980s, and we’ve been using their natural and sustainable products in the salon for years. Our stylists keep coming back to the incredible Essential Haircare range, so we sat down with Senior Stylist, Matilda Marshall, to discover everything she loves about the luxury products.


Natural and lightweight

With their sulphate and paraben-free formulas, Davines Essential Haircare has something for every hair type. Each of the nine product families solve a different problem – from nourishment, hydration and shine, to volume, protection, elasticity and smoothness. 

“All the products are very natural, so they’re super lightweight. They don’t build up in the hair or leave any heaviness, providing the results you want with a natural, weightless feel. You can use them as your go-to daily shampoo and conditioner and you won’t get that flat, greasy look.” 
- Matilda Marshall, Senior Stylist.


Does your hair need a little extra VOLUme, MOisture or NOUrishment? You’ll find a product for the wellbeing of every hair type here. Discover which range is the perfect fix for you. 


Are you a frequent washer with medium to fine hair? These delicate daily essentials are perfect for you, gently formulated to leave the hair light and shiny.


Does your hair feel damaged or brittle? These nourishing products have rich formulas that deeply hydrate to restore your natural softness.


Are your locks a little on the unruly side? The smoothing range for coarse, frizzy hair could be for you, using soft and creamy formulas to gently cleanse and soften


Wavy hair feeling a little flat? These elasticising treatments use moisturising formulas to enhance volume and shine.


An antioxidant-rich beautifying hair butter formulated for anti-frizz and softness.


Do you use a lot of styling products that weigh your hair down? You need these refreshing, clarifying products for a deep cleanse that leaves your hair feeling fresher than ever.


Locks lacking moisture? Cleanse and condition your dry hair with these moisturising products for strong, lasting hydration.


Have you got super long hair that's prone to damage? With the anti-breakage range, you can protect your tresses with a gentle formula for super-silky hair.


Coloured hair looking little lifeless? With these illuminating treatments you can protect your colour, improve the condition of your hair and keep it looking shinier for longer.

“We’re aware that more and more people are developing allergies and sensitivities to certain products. The Davines Essential Haircare range is more natural, so the products aren’t as abrasive as some other shampoos.”
- Matilda Marshall, Senior Stylist.


Custom Hair Care

Still not sure which product family is right for you? At our salon, we don’t just cut and colour hair, we tailor every appointment from the moment you walk through the door up until the very last spritz of finishing product. 

Our holistic approach means finding out everything there is to know about your hair, lifestyle, and even scalp condition, so we can solve your hair woes and achieve your hair goals to make it the very best it can be. 

The Davines Essential Haircare collection features something for every hair type. Whether your hair is dry and damaged or wavy and frizzy – our expert stylists will determine which products are the best fit for you. 

“We always have a consultation at the start of every appointment. I ask all my clients if they have sensitivities and what they use at home, then we’ll discuss which products we’re going to use in the back wash.” 
- Matilda Marshall, Senior Stylist.



Davines Essential Haircare is an expression of the brand’s belief in sustainable beauty, so you can feel good about giving your hair the custom, luxury care it craves, while also helping to support small communities and preserve the planet. 

“There’s a beautiful story behind the brand – it all started in a small village where they continue to grow and produce the products now. Davines Essential Haircare is sustainable and cruelty-free, which is the main reason I keep going back to it. It’s great to find an ethical product that actually works and still provides results.” 
- Matilda Marshall, Senior Stylist.

With sustainability at the heart of the brand, each product family is enriched with natural, biodegradable ingredients grown from their Italian farms. All wrapped up in beautifully sustainable sugarcane packaging, which in itself is carbon offset via reforestation and regeneration projects. As a B Corp, they also aim to provide education and sustainability to communities that need it.

The result? You can achieve your ultimate hair goals in the knowledge that you’re taking care of the environment and the people within it at the same time.

Are you ready to explore the world of Davines Essential Haircare at Paul Edmonds London? Browse the products online or book a consultation for a bespoke treatment plan from our team of experts.