Get ready fro reactive hair

With the promise of warm, sunny days just round the corner, now is the time to prepare your hair for the new season. Whether you want to tame your frizzy and unmanageable hair, strengthen your dry and damaged locks, or define your natural curls – Reactive Express is our super-fast secret weapon for perfecting your summer hair in just a couple of hours.  

What is a Reactive Express hair treatment?

What is reactive express?

Reactive Express is one of the Nanokeratin treatments we offer here at Paul Edmonds London. It’s a fast acting, deep conditioning treatment designed to improve the hair fibre’s structure, porosity and strength, while debulking and reducing frizz, and making it much easier to manage.

After just one application of the treatment, your hair will feel smoother, shinier and less bulky – making it easier to dry in the mornings so you can just get up and go. Alongside these incredible benefits, Reactive Express also provides humidity and UV protection, making it the perfect treatment to indulge in before your summer holiday.  

“I’ve got short hair and can sometimes look a bit like a mushroom. The debulking treatment removes that helmet-head look and excess volume, without completely flattening the hair. Some clients with curly hair have sections with beautifully natural waves, and other parts that are really curly and frizzy. The treatment also helps to realign their hair and even out the curls.”
- Zoe Rodgers, Artistic Director at Paul Edmonds

How does Reactive Express work?

How does reactive express work?

Each strand of your hair has three sections. There’s the overlapping cuticle cells on the outside, the cortex in the middle where the keratin protein lives, and the innermost section called the medulla. 

When your hair is exposed to oxidative factors like the sun, heated styling tools or bleach, both the cuticle and cortex sections can become compromised, breaking and losing the keratin bonds that keep the hair strong. This causes the hair to become weak, dry and damaged, in turn losing its lustre and shine.

Reactive Express works by replacing the lost bonds and rebuilding the internal structure of the cortex. Its clever biomimetic technology mimics the natural structure of the hair, helping to repair it and bring it back to its natural state.

Is Reactive Express different to keratin treatments?

Is reactive different to a keratin treatment?

Traditional keratin treatments were formulated with formaldehyde or aldehyde which were good at smoothing and straightening the hair, but weren’t the kindest to our skin. These treatments would last up to 12 weeks but needed to be left unwashed for several days – not a great look when you’re leaving the salon! 

With Reactive Express, you can enjoy results that last up to 16 weeks, but it works in a very different way. It uses amino acids and biomimetic technology instead of the chemicals to smooth and debulk rather than straighten. 

Depending on the length, thickness and volume of your hair, the treatment only takes up to 2.5 hours including your blow-dry. This is a lot faster than other smoothing treatments, so it’s a great addition to your pre-holiday beauty ritual. 

When should I get a Reactive Express hair treatment?

When should I get a reactive treatment

You can enjoy a Reactive Express treatment whenever you need it, but with its UV protection properties, the spring is the perfect time to make sure your hair is looking and feeling its best ready for the warmer summer months ahead.

“It’s great for summer holidays because it reduces unwanted frizz and volume caused by humidity. It also makes the hair super shiny and really easy to manage, so you’ll save so much time styling your hair. I used to use a brush to smooth and straighten my hair, but now it only needs a rough-dry to achieve the look I want. ”
- Zoe Rodgers, Artistic Director at Paul Edmonds

For results that last throughout the whole summer and beyond, you can pop back into the salon after a couple of months for a booster treatment.

Does Reactive Express work on all hair types?

Depending on what result you’re aiming for, all hair types can benefit from this treatment. By improving the balance of the hair’s porosity and deeply conditioning the hair, you’ll enjoy shiny and healthy looking locks whether they’re curly, straight or something in-between.

It’s important to remember that Reactive Express isn’t a straightening treatment, so if you have very coarse, curly hair, you won’t achieve smooth and straight results. But if you’re looking to debulk and define your curls while improving the overall condition, then it could be a great option for you.

“Reactive Express works really well for men with shorter, thicker and wavy hair who want to reduce the bulk. It’s also perfect for women with thicker hair like mine, as it helps to create a softer look without being poker straight. I wouldn’t recommend it for people with very coarse curls or strong Afro coils, as it may not achieve the results you want.”
- Zoe Rodgers, Artistic Director at Paul Edmonds

Will my hair colour be effected by the treatment?

Will my colour be affected?

Because the treatment uses amino acids, it can sometimes have an effect on artificial hair colour – making it a little lighter or warmer. It contains a blue pigment to counteract any warmth added, and there is a specific version for blondes. Don’t panic if you do find your colour is effected, it should settle back down within a few days. 

At the salon, our expert stylists will tailor the treatment to your hair, working out the best option for you during your consultation. If you have balayage or highlights, they’ll use a combination of the regular and the blonde formulas to create the perfect bespoke treatment for you. 

What after-care products should I use at home?

With traditional keratin treatments, we would advise using sulphate-free shampoos in your after-care routine. With Reactive Express, you can be a lot more flexible and still enjoy your everyday favourites. 

The formula is designed to rebuild your hair’s fibre and return it to its natural balance, so the Paul Edmonds product store really is your oyster! We always recommend Shu Uemura to maintain your vibrant colour or blonde coolness, and Davines has great options for natural, sustainable care for all hair types.  

“I would always recommend a shampoo and conditioner that is tailored to the client’s hair type. You don’t need to use sulphate-free shampoos, so you can focus on the other needs of your hair. If you’ve got coloured hair, use products tailored for coloured hair. If your hair needs moisture, then use a moisturising shampoo.”
- Zoe Rodgers, Artistic Director at Paul Edmonds

Are you ready for smoother and stronger hair this summer? Book an appointment for your next Reactive Express hair treatment starting from £150.