Thinking about going blonde - or blonder than usual - for spring?

While fair hair never goes out of style, this season there's a distinct trend emerging when it comes to lighter shades.

"At the moment I'm seeing a move away from cool-toned blondes towards more natural-looking golden, sandy and sun-kissed blondes, whether it's balayage or all-over colour," says Joe Savine, head of colour at Paul Edmonds London.

Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie on the Golden Globes red carpet are prime examples of the trend with their long blonde locks.

As opposed to platinum Scandi-inspired tones, these soft shades are easier to achieve in salon, but as with all blonde hair, the toner colour tends to lose brightness and vibrancy over time.

"When bleaching hair you're stripping away all the pigment and revealing what's underneath, so the hair becomes more porous, which means the colour we add with toner can seep out more easily," Joe explains.

"Then you've got elements like heat styling, windy weather, the sun, central heating and air conditioning causing what's called oxidative stress, which speeds up the process."

City dwellers also have the added issue of pollution: "In London, even if you're just going on the Tube, your hair absorbs pollution particles, and that build-up makes the blonde look more dull."

Brassiness can be more apparent depending on your base hair colour, Joe adds: "If your hair is naturally dark blonde or brunette it tends to have warmer undertones, and those will come out more as the toner fades."

But the good news is there are lots of things you can do to counteract these effects using: prevention; products; treatments and top-ups.

Here, we talk through the four key ways to keep your blonde looking salon-fresh for longer…


Locking in that blonde brilliance starts at your colour appointment, where bleach is used to 'lift' darker pigments before toner is applied to create the desired shade.

"I always recommend a bonding treatment is added at any colour appointment," says Joe, who describes INNOluxe and Olaplex as "like a hug for your hair."

Mixed in with the bleach, these clever cream formulas repair broken bonds within the structure, making each strand stronger and better able to retain the colour of the toner.

L'Oreal Metal Detox is another excellent option to add alongside bleach. The treatment works to remove the tiny metal particles that build up on hair in hard water areas (of which London is one) making strands more prone to breakage. 

It's also important to prevent damage caused by heat styling with a blow dryer, straighteners or tongs.

"Always use a heat protection spray, which creates a barrier at temperatures up to 230 degrees," Joe says. 

"I like the Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer or the Oribe Balm D'Or Heat Styling Shield."


"If you wash your hair every day the colour is going to fade more quickly," Joe says, but that doesn't mean you have to wash your hair less. "If you use the right products it makes a big difference."

The key is gentle cleansing that doesn't strip away vital oils, plus adding violet or blue pigments to neutralise yellow tones.

"Use a gentle daily shampoo like the Kérastase Bain Lumiere," Joe advises. "My favourite pigmented ranges are the Davines Alchemic Golden and Shu Umuera Yubi Blonde - the shampoo is great if you live in a high-pollution area as it removes impurities."


In between colour appointments, a targeted treatment will refresh and revitalise your blonde.

New in salon, the Blondeway range from Oway is formulated with innovative ingredients including gentian root, flat peach kernels and broom extract, known for their antioxidant and strengthening properties.

"The Moonlight Powder Hair Bath contains purple pigments to neutralise yellow to orange tones," Joe says. "The Softening Cloud Powder Hair bath transforms hair texture, making it smoother and softer."

Each treatment takes 15 minutes and can be added onto a blow-dry or cut and blow-dry service. You can also combine treatments with Blondeway products to use as part of your home hair routine.

"I also recommend our bespoke vitamin C detox wash for blondes," Joe adds. "It removes any build-up of products or pollution."

Revitalising Salon Treatments

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Another way to boost your blonde about three weeks after your initial colour appointment is with a gloss-giving glaze.

"Glazes are acidic so they help to balance the pH of your hair to prevent fading," Joe explains.

"You can either choose a pigmented glaze to enhance the colour or a clear glaze - both create a really glossy, healthy finish."

Alternatively, he suggests face-framing highlights: "Done with either foils or balayage, we place blonde highlights around the hairline so it gives you a fresh, brightened look where the colour is most visible."

Just a few carefully placed highlights can really elevate your look, perfect if you've got a glam night out glitzy event to attend.

A few carefully placed highlights

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With summer on the horizon, now's the perfect time to go lighter with your hair and try the golden blonde trend, and now you've got a host of pro tips for keeping your colour looking luminous.

By following the do's and don'ts of damage prevention at home and adding tailored treatments you can maintain that sun-kissed look for even longer.

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