Instantly transform your hair with 4 must-have styling sprays from Sam McKnight

There's a bitter irony in how long the effortless, 'done yet undone' look takes to create. Let's face it — there are days when even a morning hair wash simply isn't convenient. Instead of making your peace with grungy hair or getting up early to accommodate a full blow-dry routine, why not take a leaf from Sam McKnight's book?

Sam McKnight is a legendary hairstylist who has worked in the fashion industry for over four decades. He's responsible for creating iconic looks for celebrity clients like the Hadid sisters, Kate Moss, and the late Princess Diana. Sam knows the challenge of turning out a catwalk-calibre look in a matter of moments, which is why he developed his own line of hair styling products.

You can now get your hands on Hair By Sam McKnight styling sprays at Paul Edmonds London. Sam's four kitbag heroes are formulated for effortless styling and instant transformation — it sounds too good to be true, but it really isn't. 

Discover what makes these four sprays a must-have, why Paul rates the collection so highly, and why this range deserves a place in everyone's styling kit.

Hair By Sam McKnight at Paul Edmonds London

Paul Edmonds and Sam McKnight have been friends since the very start of their careers. Although the years have taken them in very different directions, their shared goal has stayed the same: to give clients the best care possible. 

When Sam launched his brand in June 2017, his goal was to give women the confidence to style their own hair by creating products that were easy to use yet super effective. By stocking Sam McKnight hair products, Paul has given clients like you another results-driven, care-oriented option for daily hair styling. 

Paul and the team have chosen to add Sam's four 'kitbag heroes' to the online edit. These classic styling sprays are a quick way to achieve a going 'out-out' look and are fab for people who have minimal time for prep but still want to look like they walked straight out of the pages of Vogue. 

The core four: discover Sam's kitbag heroes

Hair By Sam McKnight contains four hero products: his classic styling sprays, which have been dubbed 'Sam in a can.' These paraben-free, 100% vegan sprays promise instant transformation and effortless styling…and they don't disappoint!

With my 4 hero products, I am injecting a bit of modern effortlessness back into hair.
— Sam McKnight

Modern Hairspray

Modern Hairspray Multi-Tasking Styling Mist

More than a fine hairspray, this light heat-protecting mist has the power to set your hair all day and is even safe to use with heated styling tools. It brushes out cleanly, allowing you to style and restyle your hair as the mood strikes you. Sam McKnight calls it a "real game-changer."

Suitable for: 

  • All hair types and textures
  • Curls
  • Straight styles
  • Waves

Easy up-do

Easy Up-Do Texture Spray

Reach for this whenever you need to get a grip! Easy Up-Do is the ultimate texturising spray for dry styling. It completely changes the texture of the hair, allowing you to brush and backcomb it into voluminous up-dos with staying power. It's the strongest-reworkable texturiser in the Hair By Sam McKnight collection.

Good for:

  • All hair types and textures
  • Chignons
  • Ballet buns
  • Plaits
  • Ponytails

Lazy Girl

Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo

Say hello to your new everyday essential. Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo is an instant refresh spray for hair, complete with soft buildable texture and volume. It's ultra-lightweight to allow for reapplication throughout the day, and is certified vegan, with no parabens or sulphates. Sam thinks of it as not just a dry shampoo but "a styling product in its own right".

Good for:

  • All hair types and textures
  • Up-dos
  • Lazy hair days

Cool Girl

Cool Girl: Barely There Texture Mist

Not just cool, but award-winning, too! Reach for Cool Girl dry styling mist when you want that sexy tousled look. It's lightweight and brushable, while still giving you effortless texture. Sam describes Cool Girl as his signature look in a bottle!

Good for:

  • All hair types and textures
  • Messy, tousled styles
  • Fine hair that needs a boost

Princess Diana

Heaven scent: fragranced in collaboration with Perfumer H

If pedigree and performance weren't enough to give Hair By Sam McKnight styling sprays a well-earned place on your vanity, Paul thinks you'll adore their fragrance.

Sam has infused all four classic styling sprays with his signature scent, inspired by his English garden. The fragrance, created in collaboration with British perfume house Perfumer H, is reminiscent of Sam's English garden after rainfall. Sultry base notes of frankincense combine floral water lily and aromatic juniper wood to perfume your hair from dusk 'till dawn.

Paul and the team hope you enjoy the new range — you can find all four stress-free styling sprays in our online shop. If you've got a big event coming up and want the full styling experience, book an appointment at our blow-dry bar and let our team look after you.