Did you know 88% of women experience hair fall, and only 1 out of 10 seek any help to treat the issue? Hair fall is a major concern for all of us – men and women alike – and yet it’s still a taboo subject that people don’t feel comfortable talking about.

Luckily, hair fall caused by weakness or breakage is actually preventable with the right hair care routine, and the team at Paul Edmonds London has found a science-backed, corrective range that not only reduces hair fall, but supports healthy regrowth, too.

So let's start talking about it! 


What is Kérastase Genesis?

What is Genesis?

If you’re a regular scroller on TikTok, you’ve probably heard all about rosemary oil and the miracles it claims to achieve. Well, Kérastase Genesis is the science-backed alternative that’s actually proven to work. 

Super-charged with ingredients that fortify and nourish the hair, with a dual anti-fall formula that provides visible results after just a few short weeks – not only does it decrease hair fall by 84% and breakage by 66%, it also offers a full range of haircare so you have a solution for each step of your routine. 

There’s also a specially formulated men’s collection, Kérastase Genesis Homme, designed to combat thinning hair while meeting the specific needs of men’s hair

How do I know if I have hair fall?

How do I know if I have hair fall?

If you’re noticing a lot more hair in your hairbrush than usual, and your once-healthy locks are looking broken and damaged, you might be suffering from hair fall.

Hair fall is different to hair loss, in that it’s caused by weakness and breakage. Hair loss is more visible on the scalp and around the hairline, while hair fall includes damage to the lengths as well as loss at the root.

The reason you might be experiencing this is your collagen production has hardened, stem cell production has reduced and your hair isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Diet, hormones and stress, heat styling, pollution and over brushing can all contribute to this process.

If you suspect you’re experiencing hair fall, we can find out for sure with the amazing new technologies here at Paul Edmonds London. After sharing your concerns with your stylist, we’ll use our digital scalp cameras to help us determine the status of your scalp, your hair’s density and growth cycles. 

Once we know exactly what we’re dealing with, our experts will recommend a treatment plan tailored to your individual hair needs.

How does Kérastase Genesis work?

How does it work?

The Kérastase Genesis collection uses carefully chosen ingredients that target the two major causes of hair fall: breakage and thinning. 

When hair is weak and damaged, it’s more likely to break off, leading to thinning hair. These products help to strengthen hair and protect it from breakage, while also stimulating growth and thickening the hair.

Enriched with Ginger Root and Edelweiss stem cells to protect the hair against external aggressors and preserve the natural collagen, as well as Aminexil to encourage stronger, thicker hair fibre, Kérastase Genesis not only reduces hair fall and improves the appearance of thinning, but also strengthens the roots, protects hair from damage, and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and healthy.

How do I prevent hair fall with Kérastase Genesis?

How do I prevent hair fall with Genesis

Your journey to fuller and thicker hair starts with finding out more about your hair type and condition. The team at Paul Edmonds London have seen it all when it comes to diagnosing and treating hair fall issues, so you can talk openly about what you’re experiencing.

Our experts will provide a thorough consultation and assessment at the start of your appointment, using their knowledge and available technology to find out what’s happening. After this, they’ll be able to suggest exactly what Kérastase Genesis products and other treatments will be right for you.



Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifant Shampoo 

Nourish and fortify your thick, dry hair with this daily shampoo, designed to provide a high dose of moisture leaving your hair supple and intensely nourished.

Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifant Shampoo 

Formulated to remove oil build-up on your scalp and nourish thin, oily hair, this daily shampoo is enriched with Edelweiss Native Cells, Ginger Root and Aquaxyl to gently clarify and reinforce the hair's fibre.


Genesis Fondant Renforcateur Conditioner

Enjoy immediate feeling of strength and softness without weighing down the hair with this fortifying anti hair-fall conditioner for weakened hair.

Genesis Masque Reconstituant

Intensely nourish, detangle and reinforce your hair with this luxurious hair mask, reducing the risk of hair fall, restoring softness and leaving your hair beautifully healthy.


Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

Just a few pipettes on towel dried hair every morning will tackle your hair fall problem while leaving hair feeling nourished and super strengthened in the process.

Genesis Defense Thermique

This intense fortifying blow-dry cream provides anti-breakage protection, immediate hydration and 24 hour protection against frizz – without weighing down the hair.


Genesis Cure Ampoules 

Treat your hair to the ultimate nourishing experience by smoothing this silky formula through your hair before bed. The leave-in treatment will be the perfect partner and finishing touch to your daily haircare routine.

What else can I do to prevent hair fall?

What else can I do?

Although the at-home Kérastase Genesis collection can reduce hair fall and encourage healthy regrowth on its own, you can always give it a boost by booking an appointment for the Genesis Fusio Dose treatment to deeply nourish and restore your hair’s strength. 

Infused with vegetal collagen peptides, it’s a deep fortifying treatment that leaves fibres stronger, softer and shinier. With higher concentrations of Aminexil, it helps to intensify your home-care programme, so you’ll enjoy even better results in a shorter time. 

As always, bespoke care is king at Paul Edmonds London, and when you come in for your appointment, your expert stylist will assess your hair’s condition and use the optimum products for your backwash. Choosing from hundreds of potential combinations, we’ll tailor the experience to ensure every product used is working perfectly in tandem to treat your hair fall.


Your lifestyle choices can also impact hair fall. By eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, managing stress and avoiding excessive hair styling and brushing, you can help to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Paul and the team also recommend Viviscal Professional hair-growth supplements alongside your home care routine. They're the UK's most clinically researched brand and have the power to nourish your hair from within. To read more about Viviscal click here.

Alongside these self-care essentials, Kérastase Genesis will soon have you waving goodbye to hair fall and on your way to thicker, fuller and healthier hair. 

Start your anti-hair fall routine now — head to the online shop and treat yourself to your favourite products from the range. Need an expert opinion? Book a consultation with our in-salon experts and let us look after you.