Our secret to smoother, straighter and softer hair with nanoSmooth

Hair trends come and go, but soft, smooth and luscious locks are always in style. In fact, it’s one of our most common requests in the salon. 

Whether you want to straighten your frizzy and unmanageable hair, strengthen your dry and damaged locks, or soften your natural curls – nanoSmooth is our secret weapon for achieving all of the above and more.  

What is nanoSmooth?

What is nanoSmooth

nanoSmooth is a revolutionary product by the bio-technological pioneers at Nanokeratin System. Using natural and plant-based proteins to realign the bonding structure of the hair, this treatment works from the inside out to alter the texture of the hair without damaging the integrity of it.

Free from chemicals like formaldehyde and aldehyde, nanoSmooth is safe and suitable for everyone. As a bonding treatment, it differs from the keratin treatments we’ve all heard of and provides a healthier way to reduce frizz.

Depending on your hair type and length, the treatment can take between 2-4 hours. The results can vary, but can last up to 16 weeks – possibly even longer when combined with our recommended after-care products. 

We’re big fans of the treatment at the Paul Edmonds London salon. Paul says: 

“nanoSmooth is an incredible semi-permanent treatment for clients seeking more manageable hair. You can say goodbye to frizz and hello to a smooth, glossy finish in just a couple of hours. It has taken over keratin as the preferred hair smoothing treatment by our stylists and technicians, and our clients love it too.”

Salon Stylist, Aphrodite, loves the treatment so much, she gets it done herself.

“I choose to get this treatment because it tames my frizz, smooths my hair and makes blow drying so much easier to manage. It makes my hair feel softer and silkier and I love knowing it’s strengthening my hair at the same time. I receive a lot of compliments after I’ve had the treatment done so always recommended it to my friends.”

How does nanoSmooth work?

How does nanoSmooth work?

The nano technology behind the treatment works by restructuring the hair’s bonds and reforming them to a sleek, soft and smooth formation. 

Using amino acids to add bonds where hair has become porous, the formula packs itself into the hair, forming a solid inner layer to seal the natural nourishing nutrients inside and protect the hair from environmental aggressors.

Which nanoSmooth treatment is right for you?

Which treatment is right for you?

There are four variants of the nanoSmooth treatment which are all interchangeable based on your specific hair type and needs. 

Whether you want to de-frizz, straighten or strengthen your hair, you’ll first need to understand what your primary hair concerns are. As part of your bespoke service, our stylists will recommend the right nanoSmooth treatment for you and your hair goals.

Which treatment is right for you?

Revive for Natural Hair

If you have naturally thick, curly and unruly hair, or hair that’s been damaged by the environment, Revive will help to improve the condition and leave it feeling softer, smoother and much easier to blow-dry and style.   

Refine for Coloured Hair

Colouring your hair can have an oxidative effect which makes the strands more porous, resulting in faded colour and drier, less manageable hair.  

nanoSmooth Refine treatment will help to restore the condition of your hair to its optimum level, which in turn helps your colour to last so you can enjoy shiny and vibrant hair for longer.

Replenish for Blonde Hair

If you’re a blonde and you’ve enjoyed any colour services such as bleaching, balayage, or highlights, you probably know the feeling of dry and damaged hair well.

The Replenish formulation works specifically to improve the condition of your blonde hair – detangling your locks, increasing hydration, and adding much-needed strength.

Refortify for Afro-Caribbean Hair

If you have extremely coarse or Afro-Caribbean hair then the Refortify variation will help by strengthening and smoothing the hair fibre, improving elasticity and increasing hydration levels. 

This treatment will make your blow dries more manageable so you can focus on styling your hair.

Are you ready to start your journey to smoother hair? Book an appointment for your next nanoSmooth treatment starting at £300.