Personalise your haircare with bespoke in-salon hair treatments

Your hair is unique – from the colour and curl pattern to the texture and thickness – and because of this, your hair needs are unique, too.  

Not many salons have the resources to offer a hair washing experience with products curated to your specific needs – and that's where we're different. 

Your experience at Paul Edmonds London is bespoke from the moment you walk through the door until the very last spritz of finishing product. 

Our experts can look at your hair and tell you exactly what you need, creating a custom blend of products tailored for your 'backwash' experience – the stage where we wash, condition, and treat your hair. 

While most salons stock one or two different brands, we offer hundreds of potential product combinations, creating a tailored programme that gives you the results you need.

The backwash experience

If you're a regular at our salon, you'll already know about our backwash experience – where we ensure the optimum bespoke hair wash for you using only products tailored to your specific hair type and concerns.

With our specially designed chairs that provide the ultimate in comfort while we get to work on your hair, you'll be able to enjoy your backwash treatment in complete luxury. 

While you'd enjoy a shampoo and condition at most salons, we include a hair mask or treatment to really amplify the quality of your finished result. You might expect this level of tailored care to cost the earth, but it doesn't. 

Your bespoke backwash experience is complementary and included as an integral part of your colour or cut.

Bespoke backwash treatments

We stock more than 30 luxury products in our backwash, which can all be cocktailed to create hundreds of bespoke treatments that only take a few minutes to work their magic and completely transform your hair. 

Whether you want to repair damaged hair, protect your colour or improve the overall condition of your locks – we can create a bespoke treatment to tackle your hair concerns. Here are a few of our favourites.



If your hair is feeling a little dry and damaged from the blustery winter weather lately, a vitamin-rich boost of collagen nourishment will add moisture and shine back into your hair while helping to improve scalp condition. 



You'll find nine Kérastase product families at our backwash, catering to all hair types from afro and coily to fine bleached blonde and everything in between. No hair type is too niche for Kérastase to work its magic.

One of our favourite Kérastase treatments is Fusio Dose. Whether you're looking to neutralise unwanted brassy undertones, improve shine and softness, or protect hair from breakage – adding a Fusio Dose hair shot to your backwash can transform your hair in as little as five minutes. 

Shu Uemura 

Shu Uemura

Paul is a firm believer in the power of Shu Uemura and the UK brand ambassador, so we stock an extensive product range at the salon. Each exquisitely crafted product is formulated with a unique blend of precious ingredients that nourish and transform hair.

When it's cold and wet outside, our hair can end up looking a little lifeless. For replenished hair that targets each strand, Instant Replenisher will provide your hair with nourishment and shine, adding some life back into it and leaving you with a beautiful radiance.

Iles Formula 

Iles Formula

We stock a range of Iles Formula's award winning, high-performance products that instantly transform all hair types from the very first treatment and deliver the signature Iles Formula finish. 

The carefully selected raw ingredients help to nourish and strengthen your hair. Our favourite Iles Formula hair mask was developed for particularly "tortured" hair, so adding this treatment to your backwash is an easy way to instantly transform your dry and damaged hair into sumptuous, lustrous and nurtured locks. 



Davines is one of the world's most sustainable haircare brands. Their products are packed with active and natural ingredients, so they're wonderfully nourishing and super effective without impacting the planet. 

The multi-function OI Oil is a great way to add shine and softness to coarse or dry hair while also detangling and fighting frizz. The hair structure is left protected, without being weighed down.

Bespoke haircare at home

We'll explain everything that we use during your backwash experience and help you build your home care regime, so you can continue your bespoke haircare routine at home for longer lasting results.

Visit the online shop now or book an appointment to enjoy unparalleled bespoke care at the hands of our experts.