Ready for something new? Our expert stylists reveal 2023’s hottest short hair trends

From sharp and disconnected undercuts to grown-out, messy waves – short hair has never been more versatile and exciting.

We sat down with some of our top stylists at Paul Edmonds to find out more about the short hair trends they're seeing more and more of in 2023.

Hayley and Marvyn

Hayley is our resident Men's Hair Specialist and has been working with men's hair for 22 years. With a specialist understanding of long and short hair, she ensures her clients always leave the salon happy. 

"It's important to have a consultation. What I might class as short hair and what the client thinks is short might be two very different things. I never start a haircut until we know we're both on the same page." – Hayley

Next up, meet Marvyn, our Senior Colourist at Paul Edmonds and expert in short hair. Whether you're looking to blend greys or add some multidimensional highlights to your short hair style, Marvyn has the talent and experience to help you achieve the best colour and style. 

Short hair trends for 2023

Disconnected undercuts

Disconnected Undercuts

While a traditional fade undercut gradually reduces the hair to shorter lengths, a disconnected undercut is a more statement look that creates a sudden departure from long to short. 

At Paul Edmonds, we're seeing a lot of men and people with short hair asking for harsher lines and less blending to create a more dramatic and obvious distinction between their short back and sides, and their chosen style on top. 

Hayley says: "They want the fade, but they also want harsher lines for a disconnected look. We're also seeing a lot of sculpted haircuts with defined patterns."

Relaxed waves

Relaxed Waves

While some are opting for the sharper, sleeker looks – others are going in the opposite direction. Naturally carefree and relaxed hair is very popular at the moment, with more and more people seeking the undone, effortless look. 

Whether you've got mid-long locks, or a short back and sides – trends are leaning towards an undone, wavy look that doesn't appear overly styled. 

"It's going very ruffled on top – not nearly as groomed. Clients want the grown out, undone style that doesn't look like they've just had a fresh cut." – Hayley

Of course, even the super-natural, textured bedhead look requires a touch of maintenance to achieve the ideal level of effortless. Hayley recommends Oway styling products for the perfectly imperfect look. 

"Oway Supreme Matt Paste and Volumizing Root Spray both help to give men's hair a really nice texture and finish." – Hayley

Subtle greys

Subtle Greys

From salt and pepper to smoky ash and every silvery shade in between, grey hair isn't just an inevitability – it's a hot trend right now.

Blended greys are the latest craze, and our expert technicians are highly skilled in creating this elegant look. Less shocking silver and more subtle sophistication – blending those darker brown hues with the grey so we're not hiding it, but we're not showing it off, either.     

"It often seems easier for men to accept their greys, but we're seeing a lot of guys asking for blended colours at the moment – so it's grey, but not too grey!" – Marvyn

If you're taking your first steps into hair colouring, Marvyn recommends a temporary option that gives you a natural look without the permanent change.

 "Homme from L'Oreal is a semi-permanent colour that gradually washes out with shampoo. It's a great way to introduce men who might not have dyed their hair before to new styles." – Marvyn

Surfer blondes

Surfer Blondes

To accompany the tousled waves we spoke about earlier, we're also seeing a lot of interest in the beachy blonde look. Our international colour technician Marvyn specialises in creating a natural blended enhanced blondes incorporating balayage and foil techniques

He says: "We're seeing a lot of in-between haircuts at the moment – not long but also not short. Men are looking for blondes that blend really well and help them accomplish the carefree surfer look."

Beard and skincare

Beard and Skincare

Of course it's not all about the hair on top of the head. The beard is still a huge trend that's here to stay, with more people looking to learn about how to care for their facial hair and skin properly.

"A lot of clients ask for quick mini facials with their haircuts and wet shaves. Men with acne on their face and neck area are benefitting from SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Toner. I also use my salt-rock to reduce any soreness and redness on the skin." – Hayley

If you want to take proper care of your beard and skin, Hayley recommends exfoliating twice a week, not over-washing your beard, and making sure you're using the right products for you. 

Oway Lip and Beard Salve is great for adding shine and really moisturising the skin. You can also book in for a wet shave with one of our expert barbers who can recommend a routine that's tailored to your needs.

Ready to take the plunge and book your next restyle? Book an appointment or contact our team today and discover your new look for 2023.