The Oway journey: from farm to salon

At Paul Edmonds, we listen to our clients. And when it comes to your need for sustainably developed, high performance products with top quality formulations – we hear you loud and clear. 

That’s why we’re so excited to be bringing one of the world’s leading sustainable hair and beauty brands to the salon.

Introducing Oway at Paul Edmonds

From Farm to  

With his extensive knowledge and experience of developing products over the years, Paul knows a strong collection when he sees it. 

Offering Oway products with a very high concentration of botanical active ingredients, you’ll find shampoos, conditioners, masks and treatments for a variety of hair types and needs. 

With our collection including products from the Smooth+, ColorUp, Rebuilding and Styling & Finish ranges, we’re able to provide the uniquely bespoke service you’re used to at Paul Edmonds but with some exciting new formulations.

Read more about the complete collection of Oway products available at Paul Edmonds.



Oway are committed to minimising environmental impact at every level of their production – from farm to salon. Agricosmetics is their manifesto, but what does it actually mean?

Agricosmetics means growing zero-mile plants and shrubs on their Ortofficina estate on the hills of Bologna. It means creating concentrated products, rich in active ingredients to avoid waste, and it also means packaging these products in recyclable materials like glass and aluminium.

Overall, agricosmetics is a way of thinking. It’s about taking care with every choice we make, and using high quality products that respect both the environment and the people within it.



Something else we love about Oway products is their use of the biodynamic method. 

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming and gardening. It’s a healthy and clean way to produce stronger plants, without the use of chemicals.

This way, Oway can utilise pure, ultra-effective essential oils, hydrolates and plant extracts for the active ingredients in their products and treatments – creating truly incredible formulations that we know you’re going to love.

Oway is officially launching online and in our Battersea salon on Friday 3rd February. Take a look at our online store or book an appointment to try these incredible products for yourself.


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