Welcome to instant hair repair with Iles Formula (the best-kept celebrity secret)

Want to get your hands on the luxury haircare range responsible for rescuing the frazzled tresses of Hollywood's elite? You're in luck! Paul Edmonds London is now an official Iles Formula UK stockist — this means you can get your hands on the multi-award-winning luxury hair care and hair repair collection in our online shop, Battersea salon, and Knightsbridge salon. 

Developed to rescue tortured celebrity hair, Iles Formula can instantly transform all hair types into the world-famous 'signature Iles Formula finish': sumptuous, lustrous, and nurtured. Better yet, all the ingredients are responsibly sourced, clean, and raw.

The team at Paul Edmonds London is known for taking a unique holistic approach that puts care at the very core of the service. This isn't just reflected in the art of hair and beauty, but also in the products we choose for you. Adding Iles Formula to our carefully selected brand edit gives you a new way to care for your hair at home (without compromising on luxury!).

Discover the unbelievable story behind the brand and why Paul and the team have chosen these products for you. This is your introduction to the world of Iles Formula...

The story behind the brand: how Wendy Iles saved celebrity hair with the Iles Formula finish

Iles Formula was developed by internationally acclaimed celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles. Over the course of her four-decade career, she's become famous for her ability to rescue tortured celebrity hair and transform it into breath-takingly nourished, lustrous locks.

Hours of intense styling for film, television, and editorial shoots can often leave celebrities with stressed, damaged hair, so Wendy decided to develop her own high-performance formulas. She designed them to care, repair, protect, strengthen, and nourish across all hair types, in a single treatment, with immediate results.

It's a tall order, but Wendy used her life savings to achieve it. The result is a ground-breaking formula which she kept for private use on her clients. Soon enough, they were demanding their own supply!

"It was at the insistence of the celebrities who I was working with and continue to work with to this day that Iles Formula is available to the public today," says Wendy.

"Once they had experienced my formulas first-hand, they always reached out to me directly wanting to purchase more. It was then that I made the decision to box my 3 formulas in a luxury box, 'The Signature Collection' and the rest, they say is history."

Discover Iles Formula products

Iles Formula uses the latest technologies to formulate their potent, game-changing products. They contain new and exclusive ingredients from around the world and are free from sulfates, silicone, parabens, and Phthalates. They're also gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan. What more could you ask for?

Wendy's multi-award-winning formula seals the hair shaft without leaving heavy residue deposits. It has a 100% repair rate and delivers a 75% reduction in frizz, a 90% reduction in split ends, and more. There's a reason celebrities like Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard and Keira Knightley can't get enough of Wendy's expert care!

Iles before and after

Where minimalism meets maximum performance

Everything about Iles Formula is geared towards that unique blend of minimalism and maximum performance. They're simple products with natural ingredients that do the job in just one application. Better yet, the products are easy to use, so your hair care routine isn't overloaded with items and complex systems.

iles range

The Iles Formulas 3 Step Process

Have your locks been feeling lacklustre since lockdown? Maybe you're planning your bridal hair and want to prepare for the big day? Either way, the Iles Formula 3-step system is one of the quickest, kindest, most effective hair repair treatments you could wish for.

  • Cleanse: Iles Formula Shampoo
  • Instantly detangle, repair, and protect your hair while you cleanse it. The gentle formulation is free from sulphates, parabens and silicone, and won't dry your hair out or strip its colour.

  • Repair: Iles Formula Conditioner
  • Known as the 'jewel of the Iles Formula collection', this conditioner was developed to repair and nurture all hair types from the very first use. It won't cause harmful silicon, keratin or protein build-up on your hair and is truly a must-have product.

  • Protect: Iles Formula Serum
  • The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is wonderfully lightweight and designed for both wet and dry hair. It protects from UV damage, heated styling damage, colour fade, and humidity. It can even seal split ends if used regularly enough!

    Top tip! If you're new to Iles Formula, you can enjoy the full 3-step process as part of Wendy's original Signature Collection Box or sample them via the Discovery & Travel Kit.

    Hair Mask

    Want more? You can add the Iles Formula Hair Mask into your 3-step system to add extra strength and nourishment. Apply the mask after you shampoo but before you condition and treat your scalp and hair shaft to a cocktail of vitamin-infused, raw, virgin ingredients.

    Top tip! Turn the nurture up a notch with the Iles Formula Spa Pack. It includes the Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, and a conditioner distribution comb, all tucked away into a vegan faux leather pack. It's pure decadence!

    Curl Revive Spray

    Transform frizz and fluff into defined, perfectly-formed curls with a quick spritz of this cashmere-like spray. Iles Formula Curl Revive Spray also works wonders on wavy, thick, or coarse hair textures and doubles as a nourishing blow-dry serum for straighter, thicker Asian hair types. It protects against heated styling tools, humidity, colour fading and UV damage.

    Top tip! Upgrade to the Iles Formula Curl Revival Pack and take your textured hair care to the next level. The pack comes with travel-sized sachets of the 3-step Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum combo, and a full-sized Curl Revive Spray. You'll also get a conditioner distribution comb, hair turban, and vegan faux leather pack, too (we told you it was an upgrade!). Buy it here

    Brand new: Hair + Body Cleanse

    'Wash and go' but make it luxury! Iles Formula Hair + Body Cleanse is a new product that holds true to the brand's minimalist ideals. As the name suggests, it's a top-to-toe cleanse which combines the Iles Formula signature hair therapy with a sensual shower experience.

    iles Bag
    Hair + Body Cleanse addresses ageing of the hair, scalp, and skin at a cellular level using an all-in-one vitamin compound of B3, B5, B6, C and E. It protects, nourishes, and leaves you feeling silky soft all over! The formula is infused with a bespoke, allergen-free Earl Grey tea and bergamot perfume and is free from sulphates, parabens, and silicone. 

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    Positive Luxury: a certified 'Brand to Trust'

    Iles Formula is a certified 'Brand To Trust' with sustainability platform Positive Luxury. Each product carries the Butterfly Mark — an international accreditation that recognises the brand's commitment and measurable impact on sustainability.

    The products are formulated using raw, natural ingredients and packaged in recyclable containers free from microplastics. Iles Formula exclusively works with suppliers who are committed to the permanent improvement of sustainability standards. They're an ISO 14001 certified company, which means they've achieved the international standard for effective environmental management.

    Iles Formulations are focused on giving back to the planet rather than taking from it. This is particularly true regarding the Amazon Rainforest, whose extraordinary diversity is key to their production process. Many of their most powerful ingredients are sourced from the rainforest floor, so they give back by planting 40 seedling trees every month.

    Every Iles Formula collection is consciously designed and mindfully created. They rely on the integrity of their winning formulations, not on increasing turnover with countless product launches. 

    Paul Edmonds London: official Iles Formula UK stockists

    It's not easy to become an official Iles Formula UK stockist. Wendy Iles runs a close-knit family business grounded in authenticity and integrity. "This is a very personal brand, and I take great care to place my formulas into the right hands," she says.

    Paul Edmonds and the team hold the same core values as Wendy: providing effective, caring solutions that nourish your natural assets. We're just as selective about the brands we carry in our product edit, and Iles Formula is a natural fit.

    Are you ready for the ultimate celebrity hair repair treatment? Shop Iles Formula products in our online shop and in both Paul Edmonds London salons. Nourish your hair, nourish the planet!