Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds: the king of balayage returns to London

The balayage king is returning to Paul Edmonds London! In a few short weeks, you'll be able to enjoy a coveted colour appointment with Jack Howard, London's top hair colourist and long-time resident at our salons. He's due to arrive at our Knightsbridge salon in October and will be taking a limited number of appointments before jetting back to the US again. If you're an existing Paul Edmonds London colour client, snap up an appointment while you can!

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Not familiar with Jack and his work? Keep reading to find out who he is and how he came to partner with the expert colour team at Paul Edmonds London.

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds

Jack Howard is a hair colourist and educator, best known for bringing balayage over to the UK from America. He's worked as part of the Paul Edmonds London colour team for 5 years and has a long list of dedicated celebrity clients. Want an A-list colour treatment? He's your man.

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Jack is renowned for his signature Bespoke Balayage and his Natural Balayage colour services. In fact, his work comes highly recommended by the likes of Harper's Bazaar, Tatler, and Vogue (to name a few!). 

In his time away, Jack has been busy launching an education platform and his own premium collection of precision hair colouring tools with Denman. He also became an ambassador for Davines pre-lightener and Schwarzkopf BLONDME®, so he's bringing a wealth of new experience back to Paul Edmonds London with him. 

If you're ready for the best balayage in London, we're ready for your appointment!

Colour services at Paul Edmonds

Jack Howard isn't the only balayage expert at Paul Edmonds London. As a Centre of Excellence for hair colouring services, all our colourists are L'Oréal Professional Colour Degrees Specialists and experts at their craft. Your hair is in good hands — no matter what you have in mind, you'll always leave our salon with the finest bespoke colour artistry available.

Jack Howard Balayage

Our colour experts have developed a range of 5 specialist balayage services to suit your any length, colour, and texture. As well as classic balayage highlights and Californian blonde balayage, our selection includes micro for short hair, coffee for darker hair, and creative balayage for a low-maintenance option.

Discover balayage techniques at Paul Edmonds London

For those that don't know, 'balayage' is a French word meaning 'paint' or 'sweep'. The technique involves painting colour directly onto the hair in a free-hand method, tailoring the colour placement to suit the fall of the hair and style of the cut. The finish is multi-tonal and subtle, so your colour appears more natural and lived in rather than bright and dramatic.

Of course, balayage isn't your only colour option. Our extensive colour service menu is tailored to help you achieve your desired look, be it wild or mild.

Tints and global colour

What is it: a semi-permanent colour, ideal for small sections of hair.

Perfect for: lifting your colour and hiding greys.

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What is it: sections or strands of hair dyed several shades lighter than your existing colour.

Perfect for: brightening your overall colour and adding depth.

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What is it: lightening the ends of the hair using a free-hand colour application method, similar to balayage.

Perfect for: achieving a subtle, sun-kissed look.

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Creative colour

What is it: a creative dying technique for significant colour changes.

Perfect for: exploring the latest hair trends (think mermaid hair or pastels).

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Organic colour

What is it: using organic hair treatments to achieve vibrant colour results. 

Perfect for: people with sensitive scalps and anyone who loves colour but wants to stick to vegan, organic alternatives.

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Glaze & Gloss

What is it: a semi-permanent colour treatment used between colour service appointments.

Perfect for: adding shine, neutralising brassiness, or adding warmth.

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Before you book…

Tempted to book your new look? Before you dive in and select a colour service, we ask all new colour clients to come into the salon for a 30-minute consultation. This is to make sure we understand your vision and what you want the finished result to look like. 

We'll assess your hair and ask about important details, like allergies and which product ingredients you'd rather avoid. It means we can have everything ready for you on the day, perfectly tailored to your hair and your desired look. We'll also perform an allergy test to make sure our products are safe for use on your skin and hair. 

The allergy test process for colour appointments at Jack's level is very prescriptive. Because the turnaround on these tests are so long and his residence so short, Jack will only be able to take appointments with existing Paul Edmonds London colour clients. 

All's not lost — every member of our colour team is exceptional in their craft and will be delighted to help you achieve your new colour. Browse the team page and book an appointment with your chosen expert today. We look forward to seeing you soon!