At Paul Edmonds, we've always challenged convention and pushed the realms of possibility. Through continually honing our technique and artistry we strive to attain the unattainable.

Inspired by the metaverse and our burning ambition to create new possibilities, we worked with celebrated artist Armin Weishiet on our latest campaign to explore what's possible in an artificial and magical world.

We entered a place where anything is possible. Where the only limit is our imagination.  Creating bold new looks to transfix and inspire.

Welcome to our AI wonderland

"Welcome to our unimaginable world, where we celebrate dreamers, believers, makers and creators. Where the impossible becomes possible, the unachievable becomes achievable and the unbelievable is truly believable."

Paul Edmonds London


Welcome to our wonderland

We already had a strong creative concept based on colour, and we wanted to push the message of our current campaign on unlocking your look. The idea was to create a strong theme of images that reflected a wonderland of colour, shapes and styles. When we gave Armin the brief, he suggested artificial intelligence as a way to build on that creativity and blend it into an imaginary world setting that only AI could create.

At Paul Edmonds London, we always strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends, techniques, and technology. We've never produced a campaign using AI before, but with exciting new technological developments happening in the industry every day, it felt like the perfect time to experiment with the exciting new medium. 

"As a collective, our creative team developed this year's mood board of colour and styling ideas as part of our continual development of looks that we know our customers will love. They put together some brilliant ideas, and we used these to feed information into the AI software to create the looks. It would come up with something and we would teach it what we did and didn't like until eventually it produced what we wanted. Armin was an expert at manipulating the technology to develop these beautiful looks, which we then continued to work on away from AI."
- Paul Edmonds

Welcome to our wonderland

We wanted the overall look to be other-worldly – like an ethereal Alice in Wonderland dream. The concept of "achieve the unachievable" was driven by the blurred lines between what's real and what's unreal, what's believable and what's unbelievable. With AI, the possibilities are endless, and ideas that were only ever a pipe dream in the past are now very much a reality.

In our salon, our amazing stylists achieve the unachievable every day, working with clients to create incredible colours and cuts beyond their wildest dreams. While the looks for the campaign were developed with AI, they were very much based on reality, showcasing exactly the kind of strong, dynamic styles we can create right here at Paul Edmonds London.

"Using AI gave us complete creative freedom over the campaign. While we can create the looks in real life, the setting and scenery would have been impossible to achieve on this scale. It was a great chance to show our creativity and push forward with new technology and ideas and while having fun with a new medium. AI has elevated our ability to create something unique and different, and it will be a continual evolution."
- Paul Edmonds


Believe the unbelievable

The beauty industry is already using AI technology from a customer experience point of view, but we wanted to expand this into a virtual space. It fundamentally starts with the creative expertise to build our vision and ideas into a tangible visual format, and the technology is an exciting way to showcase that. 

Are we the first hair salon to utilise AI in this way? Possibly, but we know we won't be the last. With more and more artists using it to produce images, and even London Fashion Week utilising the technology, there's no doubt it will become more prevalent in the hair and beauty industry as time goes on. 

"I can see AI being used going forward to assist the industry as it gets more intelligent and easier to use. I don't think it will take over my job just yet, but it could definitely enhance the client's overall experience."
- Paul Edmonds

AI at Paul Edmonds London

As part of the campaign, we've taken elements from the enchanted wonderland campaign to immerse our Paul Edmonds guests even further. We're already a wonderland of customer experience, but now you can fully immerse yourself in style and colour beyond the imaginable. The only way to really believe the unbelievable is to come and see it for yourself, so book an appointment with your favourite stylist and join us in our dream-like paradise. 

Ready to step into our wonderland? Visit our salon to experience the #unbelieveablePE.