How to get the look: Unbelievable hair at Paul Edmonds London

You may have witnessed the spectacular launch of our recent AI campaign, where the enchantment of our magical wonderland came to life within the walls of our salon.

If you haven't, now is the perfect time to learn how our exceptional team of stylists accomplishes the seemingly impossible every day, and how you can achieve the hair look you've always desired. 

While our campaign looks were developed with the assistance of AI, they embody reality. Exemplifying our ability to craft powerful and dynamic styles that embody our dedication to innovation and excellence. Find out more about our exciting new campaign in our previous blog post or by visiting our salon located in Battersea Power Station.

Paul Edmonds Wonderland

We're thrilled to guide you through the process of achieving the unachievable as Paul reveals the step-by-step techniques behind some of our favourite campaign looks.
Let's dive in:

The Creamy Blonde Balayage

Creamy Blonde Balyage

Among the standout trends from our campaign is the Creamy Blonde Balayage, which deviates from the popular ashy tones to embrace a more natural and soft approach. This style seamlessly blends darker roots with the client's natural hair colour, resulting in a beautifully blended and multidimensional effect. We adore this look for its versatility, low-maintenance cut, and easy everyday styling.

This look involves a hybrid mix of colour techniques, including both highlights and Balayage. Balayage is a freehand colouring technique that delivers natural looking results and avoids the appearance of "grown-out" roots and highlights. This application technique allows for a slightly brighter, customised, and effortless look.

To maintain the vibrancy of your colour, Paul recommends the beloved Izumi Tonic by Shu Uemura. This range of lightweight, fast-absorbing rice-based products not only minimises scalp irritation and itchiness but also provides hold and protection. Achieve that versatile, intentionally undone look that feels free yet intentional

The Textured Bob

The Textured Bob

The much-loved Textured Bob is a chic and versatile haircut that incorporates hidden layers, giving your hair a lighter feel and a blunt yet textured appearance. This easy-to style-look can easily be worn blunt or with a natural wave

The colour application celebrates a pearlescent golden blonde, with a combination of highlights and micro-lights for a contoured, face-framing look. The process of root smudging and glazing replicates the hair's natural shine. Glazes also provide extra moisture and help tame unwanted frizz.

We recommend using Yubi Blonde Glow Shampoo by Shu Uemura to help hydrate and illuminate your blonde without weighing it down, resulting in a healthy, glowy look. Finish off with the Izumi Tonic Mask by Shu Uemura for that extra bit of moisture and radiance.

Sound like a good fit for your next Summer look? We think so!


Embracing Natural Curls

Embracing Natural Curls

Embracing your natural texture has become a prominent trend, and the team at Paul Edmonds London celebrates the beauty of your curls!

Textured hair, whether toned or left as is, is a beautiful and timeless look that never goes out of style. Maintain this look by slightly smoothing over the ends with tongs or embracing your natural curls as they are.

The use of curl-enhancing products such as Curl Manifesto from Kerastase, really bring out the full potential of your curls. Leave-in conditioners and finishing products, such as Shu Uemura Essence Absolue, also help control frizz, add shine, and provide a healthy and glossy finish.

Ready to embrace those natural curls?

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While these looks were created with the help of AI, they are firmly rooted in the achievable, showcasing our team's exceptional skills and dedication to innovation. Now is your chance to discover the secrets behind these extraordinary styles and learn how you can recreate them for yourself. 

Whether you're captivated by the Creamy Blonde Balayage, the Textured Bob, or embracing your natural curls, we have the tips, tricks, and high-quality products to help you achieve the look of your dreams. Visit our website for more details on the campaign or stop by our salon at Battersea Power Station to experience the magic firsthand. 

Welcome to our Wonderland of unbeatable hair transformations at Paul Edmonds London.