Your hair revitalisation masterclass with NEW Shu Uemura Ashita Supreme

It's no secret that our key to super soft and shiny hair starts with good hair health. Our hair goes through a lot during our everyday lives, with dirt, oil, and product build-up leaving it weighed down and lifeless.

Shiny Hair  

That's why we favour a holistic approach to haircare, starting from the root down. For us, a well-nourished scalp always makes for fresher, healthier hair – and we've got just the thing to help.

Shu Uemura is one of our most loved brands, and we've extended our range to include the new deep cleansing shampoo collection, designed to remove build-up and pollution particles and leave your hair and scalp feeling deeply cleansed, refreshed and nourished.

Deep cleansing inspired by Japanese Onsen

The new carefully crafted, deep cleansing range by Shu Uemura combines innovative bio-technology with precious Japanese ingredients to transform your haircare routine. The technology inside each deep cleanser is inspired by Japanese spas known as Onsen – the natural hot springs celebrated for their rejuvenation and stress relieving properties. 

Within this collection, you'll find:

Double-flowered sakura

Yae-sakura is one of the brilliant ingredients found in the new range. These late-blooming cherry blossoms are carefully picked one by one in Iwate, Japan. The beautiful flowers are known for their antioxidant virtues which help to bring out your hair's natural shine.

Yuzu citrus

The other vital ingredient is the yuzu citrus, sourced on the island of Shikoku in Japan.  Naturally rich in multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it's an invigorating and rejuvenating ingredient that helps to control excess oil and improve your overall hair health.  

Powerful bio-technology

The essential minerals found in Onsen were the inspiration behind the powerful bio-technology ferment infused within each of the deep cleansers – working to purify your hair and scalp from nasty pollution particles and leave them feeling deeply cleansed and nourished.  

The deep cleansing line-up

For the best results, the deep cleansers can be used either alone as a shampoo replacement, or once a week as the first step before your usual shampoo and conditioning routine. 

To get the most out of your Shu Uemura hair products, it's really important to diagnose your own scalp and hair concerns first, so you can address your specific needs and make sure you're using the right one for you. There are three deep cleansers to choose from:

Gentle Radiance

Gentle Radiance

This is a lightweight clarifying shampoo that deeply cleanses your hair and scalp to remove dirt and grime for a softer, shinier look and feel. This shampoo is the perfect universal refresh for all hair types and features a lightweight formula that won't leave hair feeling stripped or coarse.

Delicate Comfort

Delicate Comfort

For a moisturising and soothing formula that provides an intensely hydrating nourishment to sensitive scalps and dry hair, this clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses your hair and scalp while adding much-needed hydration for softer, healthier hair. 

 Pure Serenity 

Pure Serenity

This oil-balancing, clarifying shampoo is a complete refresh for your hair and features a mineral and antioxidant-rich formula to reduce oiliness on both the scalp and hair. Perfect for a deeply purifying treatment that leaves hair feeling lightweight and super soft.  

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Does your hair need a deep cleanse?

As we mentioned before, our hair goes through an awful lot day-in, day-out. Between washes, you'll find that sweat, dirt and grime clings onto your hair and scalp. Add to that any styling products you use, plus different weather conditions outside and you'll start to realise why your hair doesn't feel fresh and clean for long.

You might not need to use a clarifying shampoo with every wash, but your hair and scalp will always thank you for using it now and again. The deep cleanser really helps to tackle unwanted grime and residue, correct oil imbalances, and care for your scalp in a way that regular shampoo doesn't do. 

To really begin to understand your unique hair and scalp concerns, book an appointment and enjoy a bespoke backwash experience at our salon.

Find Shu Uemura hair products at Paul Edmonds London

The range

As the UK's flagship ambassadors for Shu Uemura, we're always anticipating the latest new product launches. With its carefully crafted technology and indulgent Japanese ingredients, we're really excited about this new collection. 

Paul says: "We love providing you with great cuts and colours at our salon – but we're also passionate about diagnosing your hair concerns and helping you improve your overall hair health. These deep cleansing shampoos are the latest from the innovative developers at Shu Uemura that support the scalp as well as the hair – so I knew straight away that we had to stock them!"



You can find Shu Uemura's new deep cleansing range in our online shop, in our salon, or as part of your bespoke backwash experience prior to your cut or colour. Book now to enjoy!