How we create your bespoke in-salon hair wash from 30+ luxury products

Your hair is unique, from its texture and colour right down to its needs. Despite this, very few salons have the resources to offer a hair washing experience with products curated to meet your individual needs.

And that's where our approach is different. Your experience at Paul Edmonds London is bespoke from the moment you walk through the door up until the very last spritz of finishing product. In fact, you might not realise just how bespoke we go when we look after you (spoilers: very).

After your initial consultation, our experts will make a tailored recommendation for your 'backwash' experience — the stage where we wash, condition, and treat your hair. It involves creating a tailored programme just for you, with hundreds of potential combinations.

Here's your behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process, the bespoke options available to you, and how to get jaw-dropping results by continuing the care at home.

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Back wash

What's different about the Paul Edmonds London backwash experience?

As we mentioned before, this level of bespoke care isn't standard in all salons. You'll usually find one or two hair care brands throughout a salon — to have over 30 high-end luxury products is almost unheard of! So why do we offer it?

Bespoke care is king at Paul Edmonds London. We care for your natural assets and restore them to their natural lustre. This process starts at your consultation. Our expert stylists and colourists take time to listen to you properly. We'll ask questions about your hair, your lifestyle, your goals, and assess the condition of your hair and scalp in the process.

Back wash

Once we know what you'd like to achieve, we'll take you to the backwash, where the second stage of your bespoke service begins. Your hair will be washed, conditioned and treated with a range of over 30 concentrated shampoos and conditioners by Shu Uemura, Kérastase, Iles Formula, and Davines

The backwash experience also includes a lavish masque tailored to your hair type. Hair masques are an intensive version of a conditioner but with extra ingredients that amplify repair and the quality of the finished result. Although other salons would charge for this, masques are complimentary as part of the Paul Edmonds London service.

When we edited the backwash products we looked for each product being able to help resolve not only the primary but secondary hair and scalp problems, by diagnosing and cocktailing product especially for you.

Every facet of our service is designed to solve hair woes and achieve hair goals. We see the shampoo service as a way to kickstart the reparative stage of your hair journey. Tailoring our backwash sets the foundation for a great finished style and improves the health of your hair overall. It's like a spa facial (but for your hair).

You'd expect this level of tailored care to cost the earth, but it doesn't. Your bespoke backwash experience is completely free and included with the price of your colour or cut.


Brands at the backwash: explore your options

When choosing the library of products for our backwash, only the very best will do! It's not enough to facilitate hundreds of combinations — Paul has specifically chosen each brand because of the tangible results they give.

Each product I know works in their own right so that when used synegisticly we can achieve an optimum effect


You'll find a staggering 11 Kérastase product families at our backwash. We cater to afro and coily hair, bleached hair, thinning hair, grey hair, and everything in between. No hair type is too niche for our Kérastase collection.

  • Extensioniste
  • Reflection
  • Resistance
  • Nutritive
  • Chronologiste – read more
  • Spécifique – read more
  • Elixir
  • Blonde Absolue – read more
  • Curl Manifesto – read more
  • Densifique
  • Genesis

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Shu Uemura

Take advantage of our extensive Shu Uemura product range when you next visit. Each exquisitely crafted product is formulated with a unique blend of precious ingredients to nourish and transform hair.

Paul is such a firm believer in the power of these products that we have a flagship Shu Uemura salon at Battersea Power Station — we were also one of the first UK stockists.

  • Color lustre
  • Urban Moisture
  • Ultimate Reset – read more
  • Silk Bloom
  • Shusu Sleek Muroto Volume
  • Cleansing Oil
  • Yubi Blonde – read more

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Iles Formula

Have you heard of the instant reparative power of Iles Formula shampoo and conditioner protocol? It was designed by celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles to instantly repair tortured celebrity hair from the very first use. So, if your locks are battered and bruised, this is what we'll prescribe! 

Read the Iles Formula story


Our Battersea Power Station salon is stocked with products from Italian sustainability brand, Davines. Their products are packed with active and natural ingredients, so they're wonderfully nourishing and super effective.

  • Alchemic Silver – read more
  • Single Shampoo

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Maximise your results

Taking time to care for your hair will pay dividends in the long run, so why not maximise the results by upgrading your options at the backwash and beyond?


Extra hair treatments

Does your hair need a little extra TLC? We have a range of additional hair treatments, depending on the type of care you need. Extra treatments are a good way to target problem areas and get your hair into great shape before your service. Of course, if you want to pamper yourself, they're great for that, too!

There are times when your hair and scalp needs some extra help and a deep treat is the answer for also a bit of "Me Time" relax and restore.

To take advantage of our extra treatments, ask when you make your booking or during your consultation, and we can add it to the cost of your service. Easy!

Shu Master Base

This in-salon treatment has been designed to repair weak, dehydrated, damaged, or limp hair. Shu Master Base is a deliciously scented two-part treatment: one part is a base formula, and the second is a cocktail of ingredients that are tailored to your hair. You can turn Shu Master Base into a long-term treatment plan by evolving the bespoke ingredient mix to continually improve your hair.

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Kérastase Fusio Dose

Transform your hair in as little as five minutes by adding a Fusio Dose hair shot to your backwash experience. We use a Kérastase Hair & Scalp Profiler diagnostic tool to measure and magnify your hair, before creating a bespoke prescription blend which we'll spray onto your hair and emulsify with a massage. Five minutes later, you're done!

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Davines Circle Chronicles

The Circle Chronicles is a range of sensorial and luxurious hair and scalp masks. Each of the seven masks in this sustainable product range is designed to remedy a specific hair concern in fifteen minutes or less.

Read more

Continue the care at home

Would you like your salon results to last longer? Maybe you'd love to wake up and have every day be a good hair day? Shop your tailored programme from our online store and continue the care at home!

You can find our backwash product library stocked in our online shop, and selected product edits are available in our salons. We'll show you everything we used and help you build your home care regime, so you can lock your look in for longer!


Visit the online shop now or book an appointment and enjoy unparalleled bespoke care at the hands of our experts (and 30+ luxury products!).