Bespoke Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape

We have all done the trick when we look in the mirror – pull your hair back and try to work out which face shape you are! But did you know that different hairstyles suit either heart, square or oval-shaped faces? It’s definitely not one rule for all! Mr Paul Edmonds, UK Shu Uemura brand ambassador from Paul Edmonds London hair and beauty salons is an absolute genius when it comes to cutting hair in his Battersea and Knightsbridge salons, but what makes him and his team experts in the hair industry is that his cuts are completely personalised to suit your face shape, giving you the best haircut, bespoke to you.

Read more to find out which hairstyle you should ask your expert stylist next time you are in either our Knightsbridge or Battersea Power Station salons chair.

Hairstyles for a Round Face

If you have a round face, Paul advises that you frame your face slightly within a thinned or a layered hair cut to remove any square edges that may be created with a thicker front. By doing this you will be preventing your face from and highlighting your face’s natural curves. With thinned ends, feathering will reduce the bulkiness that may appear around the jawline of a rounder face. Cameron Diaz is the perfect example of a rounder face that is framed perfectly with a thinner front.

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Cameron Diaz

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Jordin Sparks

If you choose to wear a fringe, have this broken up rather than cut full. You can also wear your fringe on one side. This will add more height and take away any roundness from the face. Cameron Diaz is another perfect example of this.

If you have a rounder face but also curly hair then opt for a longer look. Longer locks will take away the roundedness that may be enhanced from curly hair, check out Jordin Sparks, she rocks this look! If you like to wear your hair up, pull the locks back from the face otherwise your mane may take over!

Haircuts for a diamond face shape

The most flattering hairstyles to suit a diamond face shape are those that are cut to a side parting. These can either be styled with a lob look or shoulder reaching locks, check out Rihanna below for diamond shaped face hair inspiration.  For those that like a shorter style, a pixie cut is perfect! Angle this slightly longer at one side to give the face proportion.

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London


Hairstyles to suit a longer Face

If you have a longer shaped face, wear alongside parting to create more width. An example of somebody who has adopted this stylish look is Victoria Beckham. Her side parting has created more roundness around the forehead to take away the length of her face.

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Victoria Beckham

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Courtney Cox

To give the illusion of a rounder face, ask your expert stylist for a graduation cut to frame the face. Like Courtney Cox in the photo above, this cut will create more width while creating softness. Another style that works with a longer face shape is having a full fringe, unlike with a rounder face, a full fringe with longer face shapes creates a squarer look, bringing some of the length down.  If you do not fancy a full fringe though, Alexa Chung’s choppy fringe is also a great option. This will create a full and tousley look, check her out below…

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Alexa Chung

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank is another fringe goddess, she wears hers to the side to create fullness without having a full cut fringe style. Creating fullness in the fringe, which is taken to the side, creates width.

If you have curly hair, have your locks cut shorter to create a wider look. Christina Hendricks wears this style, which looks fab!

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Christina Hendricks

Love a style to suit a heart-shaped face

Long straight layers are perfect for a heart-shaped face. Jennifer Anniston has face-framing layers that end just below her chin. Longer fronts are great for a well-defined bone structure and with the addition of highlights, a dimension is created, just like Jen in the photo below.

If you prefer a shorter style then a short choppy bob is great. Having layers put through this look will soften the chin slightly while highlighting bone structure.

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Jennifer Aniston

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Ali Larter

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

It can be very difficult to figure out what is the best hairstyle for an oval face shape. It’s commonly known that an oval shape is one of the most attractive face shapes for a woman. If you’re struggling on finding a hairstyle, a simple centre parting will look beautiful. 

For a cut to suit your oval face, ask your stylist for a long bob or medium length cut. Wear this style either wavy or curled to shape an oval look. Show your expert team member the photo of Olivia Munn below to create this look.

Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape | Paul Edmonds London

Olivia Munn

It is also important to consider that the right colour and placement of it can have a dramatic effect on the shape of your face and how it can enhance or reduce areas that you want to mask.  Highlight contouring is a unique way of working with the cut to act as a double whammy on extending or reducing the width and or length of your face, forehead and jawline.

A good hairstylist has the ability to create a personalised look that works for the client, whatever the face shape. The team of hair experts at Paul Edmonds London hair and beauty salons bespoke their cuts to the individual. to create a style that looks great but also suits the client in the chair. At Paul Edmonds London the team pride themselves on their consultation process, taking into consideration the look you are wanting to achieve.

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