The Circle Chronicles: your guide to ‘modern masking’ with Davines

Think you don’t have time for hair masking in your daily routine? Think again! Meet The Circle Chronicles — sensorial and luxurious scalp and hair treatments from sustainable hair care brand, Davines. Discover more about the collection, how to use it, and which of the seven masks your hair is crying out for.

Discover The Circle Chronicles

The Circle Chronicles are a collection of seven hair and scalp masks, each created to target a different hair care concern in 15 minutes or less. They can be used by anyone and aren’t limited to a specific hair type. You’re free to use each mask individually or to multi-mask, blending several together to solve multiple hair concerns.

The collection’s name is rooted in the concept of having a different mask depending on your mood or activity. This is coupled with deep care for the environment — a complete 360 degree thought process, hence the circle. 

The Circle Chronicles is a completely sustainable product range with no negative impact on the environment. As with all Davines products, the packaging is 100% recyclable and carbon neutral. Its entire lifecycle is sustainable from beginning to end! You can find The Circle Chronicles at Paul Edmonds London salons and in our online shop

Meet the masks: 7 indulgent treatments to choose from

1. The Purity Circle: Scalp Only Treatment

Purity Circle

The Purity Circle mask is a scalp-only treatment which contains bamboo charcoal to purify and detoxify the skin. The bamboo charcoal binds itself to the impurities in the scalp and draws them out from the skin without stripping essential moisture. Because it’s a natural ingredient, bamboo charcoal is 100% biodegradable and won’t harm the environment. 

Bamboo charcoal can remove limescale build-up on the scalp, caused by hard water. Frizzy hair or curly hair types are prone to the effects of water impurities, so conditioning the scalp with this mask will help improve growth and quality.


2. The Let it Go Circle: Hair and Scalp Treatment

Let it go circle

The Let it Go Circle treatment is a relaxing and sensorial mask. It contains brahmi oil, a derivative of the bacopa monnieri herb, which is believed to help heal health conditions like alopecia areata. It’s perfect for fighting insomnia and reducing cortisone levels. 

The Let it Go Circle treatment gives shine and softness by closing the hair cuticle. It contains orange essential oil which gives hair a silky shine and tantalises the senses with its bright, juicy fragrance. This mask is ideal for use once every couple of weeks, but you’re free to use it more often, because Davines products don’t over deposit on hair and weigh it down.


3. The Wake-Up Circle: Stressed Hair and Scalp Treatment

Wake up Circle

The Wake-up Circle treatment is designed to lift the roots of the hair for enhanced volume. Its main ingredient is purple clay, which relaxes and hydrates the scalp to give better tone and to help the rhodiola oil give the hair its root lift. This mask is ideal for restoring balance and vitality to the hair and scalp after a detox or a recent cold.


4. The Spotlight Circle: Hair Treatment 

Spotlight Circle

The Spotlight Circle hair treatment contains moringa oil, which is amazing for smoothing down the cuticle, even when hair is damaged. The result is a radiant shine when light reflects on it — hence the name ‘spotlight’! 

This hair treatment makes hair incredibly easy to comb, which is a key benefit for blondes. It restores shine and hydration to porous hair, and its amino acids prevent overload, so it works a treat on both fine and thick hair. Use the Spotlight Circle anything up to once a week. 


5. The Renaissance Circle: Hair Treatment

Renascence Circle

The Renaissance Circle Hair treatment is formulated to repair damaged hair. Use it to remedy all types of damage across different hair types, from mild to severe. The Renaissance Circle contains yellow clay which holds the hair fiber together and stops it breaking off. Amino acids in the clay will bond with the hair fiber to restore it, so it feels brand new again. The Renaissance Circle mask also contains babassu butter which works with the yellow clay to hydrate hair.


6. The Quick Fix Circle: 3-minute express treatment

Quick fix Circle

The Quick Fix Circle is a weaker version of The Renaissance Circle. It contains red clay, so doesn’t go as deep as the yellow clay but its amino acids will still bond with the hair at a superficial level. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, which holds one thousand times its weight in water and will plump hair, leaving it silky, soft and hydrated. Use the Quick Fix Circle every couple of washes to keep topping up the repair.  


7. The Restless Circle: Standalone Hair Treatment

Restless Circle

The Restless Circle is a leave-in treatment which is completely invisible and works over a longer period of time. Formulated with chia seed extract, the amino acids in this mask give hair better elasticity to reduce breakages. It also provides hydration, making it excellent for curly hair types which rely on moisture and elasticity to stay springy. The chia seed extract has a fresh citrus smell which makes it feel revitalising, too.

There are two ways to use The Restless Circle mask. You can apply it as a leave-in treatment after washing your hair or you can apply it to dry hair and wash it out later. You could apply it before a trip to the gym and wash it out afterwards — get a workout and hair treatment in one! 

Top tip: Although you can use this treatment on dry hair, wax and hair spray can form a barrier which prevents the goodness of the mask from penetrating. Our Paul Edmonds London stylists advise pre-cleansing your hair before use!

How to use Circle hair masks

For at-home masking, simply apply your chosen ‘Circle’ to shampooed, towel-dried hair and leave for 5 to 10 mins. If you request The Circle Chronicles here at Paul Edmonds London salons, we’ll deep fuse the treatment with added heat and fine water vapour to maximise the spread and saturation of the hair fiber to give optimum results. 

Planning to multi-mask? Our experts at Paul Edmonds London salons in Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station recommend using The Purity Circle (£9.50) on the scalp and applying The Renaissance Circle (£9.50) to the mid lengths and ends of your hair. If your hair isn’t very damaged, use The Spotlight Circle (£9.50) on the hair lengths instead. This combination results in a fresh, detoxified scalp and a tailored treatment for your hair, all in one go! 

If your hair is thick, chest-length (or longer), naturally porous or coarse, you’ll enjoy anything up to 3 applications from one sachet when you buy the treatments for home use. If you have thinner or shorter hair, you could enjoy up to 5 applications.

The Circle Chronicles are compatible with all Davines products and other silicone-free ranges. This is because silicones create a barrier to the hair which prevent reparative ingredients from penetrating.


Embrace the beauty of modern masking by customising your own unique treatment with The Circle Chronicles. Shop the range online, in our London Salons, or request a treatment during your next appointment with us.