Our Instagram feeds have burst into life recently with sparkles, tassels and fireworks. This can mean only one thing – it's festival season. With Glastonbury kicking off this week, it's time to dust off your wellies, pile on the SPF and stock up on dry shampoo for an epic weekend of dancing in a muddy field. 

We know you want to look your best throughout the long weekend, and there's no better time to experiment with OTT fashion and vibrant hairstyles. We've put together some eye-catching and long-lasting festival hairstyle ideas that will see you through all the good times. 


Heatless Curls

What's your festival tribe? Whether you're the breezy bohemian, 70s glam rocker, techno cool girl, or modern groupie – there's a festival look for everyone and they almost all feature long, flowing, effortless hair. 

With limited styling tools on hand, you can still enjoy beautiful looks from bouncy curls to loose, beachy waves with Paul's heatless styling hack. All you need is a light scarf, a pair of socks or even a dressing gown tie to achieve perfect curls with no tongs. Watch Paul's heatless curls tutorial for his top tips.  


Party Glitter

Whether you're heading to Elton John's final UK set or you're holding out hope for a surprise performance from Harry Styles – certain occasions just call for glitter. 

If you want to add some creative glitz to your look, we recommend mixing a sprinkle of glitter into our favourite Davines Strong Hold Cream Gel. You can comb the sparkly product through your hair for some subtle shine, or focus on the parting for a glamorous festival look. 

Don't forget to pair your glittery hair with a statement outfit. We're thinking sequins, embellishments and shine galore. The more metallics, the better!


Festival Colour

If you're thinking about rocking a bold new colour at your next festival, we have some great semi-permanent and temporary options for you to experiment with.

Creative Conditioner

  • Creative conditioner – the Davines Alchemic Shampoos and Conditioners are brilliant for adding a touch of vibrancy to your hair. Blondes can opt for pink, lavender or coral for a summery-hue, while brunettes can add subtle warm red or copper tones that will gradually wash out over time.
  • Hair extensions – tape hair extensions are a fun, temporary option for adding colour and sparkle to your festival hairstyles. You can wear them down, or thread them through Dutch or French braids for a really fun, raver look.
  • Pulp Riot – speak to our expert stylists about Pulp Riot as an option over your pre-lightened hair. With shades ranging from pastels to neons and everything in between, you can enjoy a fun and vibrant look for the festivities, without affecting the original colour and condition of your hair. While it normally lasts between 20-40 washes, our stylists can remove the colour with a specially formulated treatment when you're ready to return to your usual look.


Creative Updos

Braids and updos are another easy and versatile option for festival hairstyles. From simple ponytails to more elaborate designs, pairing them with fun accessories will help to hide a multitude of sins!

  • Bubble braid – whether you opt for sleek and shiny or loose and messy, bubble braids are the easiest way to breathe new life into a classic high ponytail. 
  • Half-up topknot – combine breezy boho waves with an effortless topknot for a relaxed and easy-going festival look. Just add butterfly clips for some festival flair.
  • Space buns – this 90s-inspired updo is the perfect option for fixing up your lifeless, day-three hair. You could even add some glitter gel to your parting for an extra touch of glam.


Tips for staying fresh all weekend

There are two products you should never be without at a festival – a good dry shampoo and SPF. Here are some of our top picks.

Come rain or shine it's important to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Brush on Block is our favourite on-the-go SPF, as the mineral powder formula is so easy to apply and reapply (even over make-up). 

Lazy Girl by Sam McKnight is an ultra-light powder mist that boosts volume, keeps your hair fresher for longer, and brings it back to life after a day or two in the field.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue is a must-have for protecting your hair without weighing it down. To gently cleanse, hydrate and nourish your locks after a weekend in the sun, we always recommend Kérastase Soleil Shampoo.  

Above all, we want you to look and feel your best this festival season, so you can focus on dancing to your favourite bands, soaking up the atmosphere and having fun!

Are you ready to get creative and enjoy some fun and vibrant hairstyles this festival season? Book an appointment with your favourite stylist and shop your festival essentials from our online store.