First look: Shu Uemura the Art of Styling

When you care for your hair and skin, your natural beauty shines through. This belief sits at the heart of Paul Edmonds’ philosophy and it’s why he was chosen as a Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ambassador. The level of luxury at Paul Edmonds London makes our salons the perfect home for Shu Uemura’s new professional collection of luxury hair styling products: the Art of Styling.

Shu Uemura’s love of quality natural ingredients sits in perfect synergy with Paul’s philosophy of holistic hair and beauty — when you use the very best natural products to nourish the skin and hair, you can accentuate the unique beauty which already exists. A shared heritage in the film industry has shown them that true beauty is born from care. 

The new Shu Uemura range is based on two Japanese artistic inspirations: the art of wabi (taking inspiration from nature’s elements) and the art of haigo (blending and layering). It takes everything you love about Shu Uemura’s professional formulas and enhances the experience, the look, and the level of creativity you can achieve with the products.

Paul Edmonds London salons stand as the UK’s first outlets for Shu Uemura products and will be the first to retail the new range when it officially launches on September 7th. Discover more about the Art of Styling and how you can use it to create salon-quality looks at home.

Explore the Art of Styling

The Shu Uemura brand was built on Japanese heritage, professional formulas, and ultra minimalism. The Art of Styling embodies all three within one definitive collection.

Brand new look, brand new names: the art of wabi

The Art of Styling keeps Shu Uemura’s innovation but enhances it with a re-designed look which captures Japanese heritage and minimalism. Product names are now inspired by the art of wabi, a concept rooted in finding beauty in natural elements.

Art of Wabi

Shu Uemura has always celebrated rare natural ingredients. The new product names meld the brand’s Japanese roots with raw natural elements which describe the essence of each product. 

A new styling experience: the art of haigo

The Art of Styling collection is an entirely new experience in luxury haircare and artistry. The products themselves were inspired by the art of haigo — the Japanese artistic technique of blending and layering paint pigments. The products have been designed to blend and layer perfectly with one another, opening up limitless creative potential.

Art of Haigo

“One of the things that we’ve been trying to talk to our clients about is that not one product will fit all hair types. You need to maybe build it up and use it in different areas,” says Paul, “hairdressing is very much about being bespoke.”

Compatible textures are only one aspect of the sensory experience you’ll enjoy when using the Art of Styling. Shu Uemura have developed a signature fragrance which runs through the entire range, so you can layer different products harmoniously without being overpowered by different scents. You’ll be treated to a single signature blend of fresh, calming fragrance of musk, florals, amber, and the delicate spice of red pepper. 

Introducing new-look bestsellers & future stars

Minimalism is a key element in the Art of Styling and you’ll notice the range is more refined and definitive than before. The new products join your favourite bestsellers to create a line-up which represents the ultimate styling toolbox.

The new line-up

The art of haigo means blending and plenty of it. You can also choose to blend several products together to create a tailor-made formula for each look you want to achieve. If you can’t see your old favourite in the new line-up, you needn’t worry — there’s an improved solution waiting for you in the Art of Styling.


The Art of Styling in action…

Whether you want luscious volume and body, a glossy blowout or controlled hold, elevated professional looks feel effortless to recreate with Shu Uemura’s new range.

“We’ve been working with this new range for a little while and the feedback I’m getting is amazing,” says Paul. “I’ve actually had people text me to ask when they can buy this product because their hair looks amazing two days after it’s been used.”

Here are some of Paul’s favourite ways to blend and apply products from the Art of Styling to achieve three of his most-requested creations.





As you can see, blending is key to creating a look that works for your hair type and style goals. It’s effortlessly easy to combine the products and their effects are long-lasting and natural to the touch. You’re free to update your old favourite with a new and improved replacement or create your own tailored solution by blending them. Creative control is firmly in your hands!

You can purchase products from the Shu Uemura Art of Styling range on our website or email to book an appointment and experience the products in the hands of our expert team.