Welcome Home: Paul Edmonds’ Salon Safety Measures

Paul Edmonds’ salons have reopened, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. Before you step through our doors, we wanted to invite you to learn more about the advanced safety protocols we’ve put in place at our salons, so you can feel confident and relaxed when you visit.

Safety measures

What are the latest government guidelines for hair and beauty salons?

The UK doesn’t have a regulatory body for the hair and beauty sector, which means that recent government guidelines around safety procedures are fluid compared with other countries in Europe. This has left some salons free to work with minimal safety measures in place, unchecked and unregulated.

The safety of our clients and staff is far too important to risk, so we worked closely with our insurers and our partners at L’Oreal to develop our own set of strict safety protocols. We took their global guidelines and combined them with UK government safety advice, then added our own brand of luxury to tailor what we believe is the best salon experience, with superior hygiene and absolutely no compromise to the service you get.

Wee Give Two Hoots

A new salon experience

Current limitations have given us an opportunity to innovate, so you get an experience above and beyond what anyone else can offer.

Capacity in all our salons has been reduced by 50 percent and all extra seating has been removed to create space and help with continued social distancing measures. To make sure you can still get an appointment when you want one, we’re now open seven days a week from 8am until 9pm.

Your experience now starts at home with a virtual consultation via Zoom or FaceTime for a new colour or beauty appointment. Your technician or therapist will consult with you privately to make sure everything runs smoothly and that there are no surprises on the day of the appointment. If an allergy test is needed, we’ll send it out to you via first class post, so you can conduct it at home and limit the amount of time you’re spending in the salon.

Our reception staff have become ‘coordinators’. They’re on hand to make sure your experience is as safe as it can possibly be. They can rebook your appointment directly from the workstation and can even bring product purchases out for you, pre-packed and paid for via contactless while you’re seated. We’ve even arranged for testing kits to be sent out to homes, so you can conduct test patches before getting a treatment.

Safety in style: our salon safety rules

Looking after you

Making you feel pampered, relaxed, and secure is our top priority, so we’ve made a short video to show you our safety rules in action, so you know what to expect during your visit with us.

The salon safety measures surrounding COVID-19 are changing all the time, so we’ll review our rules regularly to make sure you’re the safest you can possibly be.

Welcome Home

Looking after our team

Our people are what make our salon experiences so special. To help protect them and you, we gave additional training on sanitation and hygiene. Team members have regular temperature checks and bring a change of clothes to work with them, so they can minimise the risk of commuter contamination. All tools, seats and workstations are disinfected after client contact, and all gowns and towels are removed for cleaning immediately after use.

Times are tough and we want to keep all our team members working, so we’ve devised a ‘bubble rota’ which reduces the risk of team cross-contamination and reduces the number of rush hour commutes in a week.

We keep a chart on each customer that visits, where they sit and who they visit with, so if a case of COVID-19 is detected, we can easily quarantine an entire bubble, while keeping the rest of our team safe. It also means that the salon can stay open and clients like you can keep visiting.

So far, so good!

Both Paul Edmonds London salons have been open for a month so far and we’re getting great feedback from everyone who’s visited.

“Keeping staff and clients safe is our main focus,” says Paul. “Clients have told me that they feel safer in our salons than in many shops and restaurants.”