There's no doubt about it — freshly coloured hair looks and feels fantastic!Whether you prefer a box dye or salon colour service, there's nothing quite like that fresh colour feeling. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost! So we've put together recommendations on how to take care of coloured hair.

The award-winning colour team at Paul Edmonds London believes that great colour comes with great hair care treatment. They can capture your dream shade while restoring the condition of your hair. It's a 360 holistic approach, so you'll want to continue the hair treatment at home to maintain the results.

That's why we've been itching to get our hands on the new colour care range from Kérastase: Chroma Absolu. It's their first multi-healing acid care range and is designed to suit the three main types of colour damaged hair.

Find out how to identify your unique coloured hair type, the damage to look out for, and how to take care of coloured hair with our top hair care treatment advice.

Identifying your colour care hair type

Colour type

Regular colour services can have a serious impact on the health of your hair. According to research from leading luxury professional haircare brand, Kérastase, there are three layers of damage associated with colour treated hair. 

  1. Fibre porosity in the core of the hair strand, which accelerates colour fading.
  2. Colour-induced frizz, which leaves hair looking dull and rough to the touch.
  3. Oxidation which causes red and copper undertones to peek through.

Each layer of damage can be attributed to one of three coloured hair types. Each needs its own adapted care routine to maintain great health and colour. Once you know which type you fall into, you can start restoring your coloured hair.

The covert colourist

You love a dark head of hair but don't want the world to know you use colour. Unfortunately, all dark-haired beauties are susceptible to tell-tale red undertones which betray their colour secret! To keep colour looking natural and pristine, you'll need to focus your hair care efforts on minimising oxidation caused by heated styling and UV rays.

The deep-rooted dyer

You fit this hair type if you're a long-term fan of colour. You'll typically use permanent root covering to conceal greys or your natural hair shade. You'll need to focus on healing the static frizz caused by years of heavy colour use. Get that cuticle nourished and smooth, and your hair (and colour!) will look brand new!

The experimentalist

Experimentalists love to get playful with colour. You'll regularly switch your shade up using bleach and intense pigments in wild colours. This is great for refreshing your look but not so great for the condition of your hair. You'll need to remedy dryness and breakage to get your hair back to full lustre. 

How to take care of coloured hair

Salon treatments, at your service!

Your first stop for how to look after coloured hair  is our salons! Your appointment starts with a consultation with one of our expert colour technicians. They'll listen to your goals and pain points, then prescribe you a unique combination of salon and hair care treatment to use at home.

Our team protects your colour using a blend of specialist techniques, lower peroxides, and demi colours. They'll also use high-end colour protecting products as part of your bespoke backwash experience. 

Here are some of the specialty treatments available in our salons, including brand new treatments from Kérastase Chroma Absolu.

NEW - Chroma Absolu Fusio Dose Concentré Acide Aminé

Need a one-off hit of intensive post-colour care? Request this Chroma Absolu concentrate at the backwash — it's formulated with amino acid and centella asiatica to penetrate into the core of your hair for stronger strands. It leaves hair more nourished and with reduced porosity for hair that retains its color for longer. Expect increased shine too.

Fusio Dose

NEW - Chroma Absolu Fusio Dose Booster Resurfaçant

An intensely caring Fusio Dose booster, loaded with tartaric acid to protect hair post colour. We recommend using it once a week as part of your blowout appointment.

Chroma fusio

Glaze & Gloss treatment

Lock in your colour by booking a Glaze & Gloss treatment as part of your service. It abolishes brassy tones, adds mirror-like shine, and smoothes your hair cuticle into silky perfection.
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Glaze and gloss

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Hair care treatment at home: Kérastase Chroma Absolu

Salon treatments are excellent for getting your coloured hair into healthy shape, but you can only maintain the results by continuing the hair treatment at home

New Chroma Absolu is a complete coloured hair care treatment routine designed to seamlessly take you from the salon to home care. It's formulated to improve core strength, add shine, and reduce frizz in coloured hair.

Standout stars

The home care range has two standout stars in its seven-product line up. The first is the Masque Vert Chroma Neutralisant — a gorgeously green masque designed to neutralise red and copper tones in brunette locks. The second is the ground-breaking Soin Acide Chroma rinse treatment, which has been formulated with 1% lactic acid to resurface and seal the cuticle for unparallelled shine.

Stand out stars

Powerful acid science

Chroma Absolu is formulated with lactic acid — the star ingredient of the entire range. It exfoliates and seals the surface of the hair strand to reduce frizz and boost shine. You can restore hair health, protect colour, and be free to enjoy colour appointments over and over again!

Our experts consider Chroma Absolu some of the best products for coloured hair care:

Quote from Steven Kamara, Creative Colour Director:

We've been looking for a range like this for some time and Kérastase has delivered. There really is something for everyone with coloured hair, enabling us to create bespoke mixes of products to suit your hair type and hair goals. Chroma Absolu targets damaged hair to ensure that your colour lasts and your hair has that healthy shine.

Find your home colour care routine

Each coloured hair type has its own unique Chroma Absolu routine, designed to specifically target the damage pain points of each.

The covert colourist

Pack 1

  1. Bain Riche Chroma Respect
  2. Soin Acide Chroma Gloss – star product!
  3. Masque Vert Chroma Neutralisant – star product!
  4. Sérum Chroma Thermique

Banish that brassiness with your own Chroma Absolu care plan. Cleanse with the nourishing protective shampoo, then apply the resurfacing high shine treatment — the crowning jewel of the whole collection. Treat your hair with the unique green masque to tackle red undertones, then finish with an anti-frizz antioxidant serum.

The deep-rooted dyer


  1. Bain Chroma Respect
  2. Fondant Cica Chroma
  3. Soin Acide Chroma Gloss – star product!
  4. Sérum Chroma Thermique

Treat frizziness and rough roots with this intensely nourishing acid-based home care plan. Start with the hydrating, protective shampoo and follow up with the anti-porosity conditioner. Complete your cleanse with resurfacing high-shine rinse treatment, then finish with the anti-frizz serum, for a sleek finished look.

The experimentalist

Pack 3

  1. Bain Riche Chroma Respect
  2. Masque Chroma Filler
  3. Soin Acide Chroma Gloss – star product!
  4. Sérum Chroma Thermique

Are you ready to restore your colour-damaged hair? Start your routine with a nourishing cleanse using the best shampoo for colour damaged hair, then follow up with the super hydrating masque treatment. Resurface your strands with the high-shine rinse and prep for styling using the anti-frizz serum. 

Other colour care favourites…

Davines Alchemic


Are you a fan of the all-natural approach? Sustainable high-end hair care brand Davines have you covered with their system of pure pigment shampoos and conditioners. They gently intensify and brighten cosmetic and natural hair colour with nourishing ingredients.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre

Shu Uemura

Limit colour washout with Shu Uemura's line of coloured hair care products. Use the full product line up to leave locks moisturised, polished, and full of vitality. You're back to full health, without colour fade.

Book your colour service with our expert team or head straight to the online shop and treat your coloured hair to a care routine that'll leave it looking as fresh as the day it was dyed!