How to achieve better hair and scalp wellbeing with new Davines Naturaltech

Scalp problems and poor hair health can be a major drain on your self-confidence and sense of well-being. Greasiness, flakiness, hair loss — it can drag on for months while you try to find a remedy to fix the problem.

Diagnosing hair and scalp concerns is a huge part of the service here at Paul Edmonds London. We kickstart every appointment with a thorough consultation to give you the most holistic experience possible. You don't just leave with a stunning cut and colour — your hair is actually healthier, too!

To make sure we can always cater to your wellbeing, we keep our salon and shop stocked with the very best products from leading global brands. So, when sustainable hair and beauty brand Davines announced the launch of their natural problem-solving hair and scalp range, we pulled out all the stops to stock it for you.

Designed to solve the most common hair and scalp issues, Naturaltech uses the best raw materials and cutting-edge research to solve hair concerns. Keep reading to find out why a professional hair and scalp diagnosis is so crucial and how Davines can solve your hair woes with natural, innovative formulations.

The importance of diagnosis, treatment, and massage

Hair health issues are far more common than you think. Our experts advise clients on hair and scalp every day, so there's nothing to feel embarrassed about (we've seen it all before!). 

Poor hair health can be caused by all sorts of daily aggressors, like pollution, hormonal imbalances, ageing  or using products that aren't a good match for you. That's why it's essential to have regular check-ins and consultations with a hair care expert so you can catch problems early and get the right advice to remedy them.

Book your consultation

You're treated to a thorough consultation at the beginning of your service whenever you visit us at Paul Edmonds London. Your stylist will inspect your hair and scalp, listen to your concerns and get to know your hair goals. 

Top tip: to get the most from your consultation, try to avoid washing your hair before your appointment so that we can see your hair and scalp in their natural state.

Your stylist will create a tailored product protocol based on what they uncover in your consultation. They'll match you with a Davines Naturaltech product family as part of your bespoke backwash experience. Each product comes with a wellbeing massage as part of the treatment to help the product activate while adding to your sense of relaxation.

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You'll come away from your appointment with dedicated product recommendations for your home care ritual, so you can continue to treat the issue until you're back to full health! Once your hair wellbeing is back on track, you can switch to your daily essentials, as usual.

Davines Naturaltech

Davines Naturaltech: how to get healthy hair naturally

Common hair and scalp problems are about to become a thing of the past! Davines Naturaltech targets hair and scalp concerns using innovative formulas that blend three elements: nature, man, and technology. 

"The Natural Tech range by Davines, is the perfect hair care range for us to be able to prescribe for you to resolve and correct your hair concern, by focusing on the resolution first you can then move on to ongoing maintenance.  All natural based with a great sustainability track record, the NAtural Tech range by Davines should definitely be considered as your next step from off the supermarket shelf products you may have used before." says Paul

Where nature meets technology

The Naturaltech range has been formulated with the best performing natural ingredients and actives combined with cutting-edge technology. 

Using a sophisticated blend of phytoceuticals (organic plant compounds), complexes, and super actives, you get a highly effective treatment, which can be mixed and blended with other Naturaltech Davines products to create a bespoke solution.

Natural tech families: 6 ways to achieve wellbeing

You'll find six problem-solving Naturaltech families at Paul Edmonds London, all specially selected to suit the needs of clients. 



This reconstructing treatment gives new life to dry, bleached, and damaged hair. It repairs hair fibre and prevents breakage with a patented biacidic bond complex engineered to reconnect weakened internal bonds.




Does your sensitive scalp tingle and itch at the slightest trigger? The Naturaltech Calming product family can give you instant relief using a painkilling, soothing perennial plant used in Chinese medicine. 




Environmental factors can leave your hair stressed and lacking in tone. Purge free radicals and dead cells from your scalp with the Detoxifying range. It uses certified organic artichoke phytoceuticals to pack in extra antioxidant power.




Give oily and dandruff-prone scalps the antiseptic care they crave. The Purifying range is formulated with sebum-balancing actives, anti-inflammatory dandelion phytoceuticals, and selenium disulphide to decrease cellular turnover.




Tone, moisturise, and protect your hair with this antioxidant-rich range of products. Thanks to its nourishing blend of gentle surfactants, the Well-being range is suitable for all hair and scalp types.




This is a plumping, smoothing system that thinning, dry and fine hair types will adore. It's formulated with plum phytoceuticals to fight free radicals, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and de-stress, and a unique fortifying botanical shield to protect. 




Treat ageing hair with this citrus-scented system. Suitable for all hair types, the Renewing product family contains a patented hair longevity complex to protect against the causes of hair and scalp ageing, like oxidative stress.



Sustainable wellbeing: good for you, good for the planet

You should have every opportunity to make sustainable choices when caring for yourself, and we'll do our utmost to help you. Davines is a certified B-Corp with exemplary sustainability practices. They produce all their hair products using renewable energy, and Naturaltech is no exception! The products are made at the carbon-neutral Davines Village and bottled in recycled plastic and glass. This means you can have healthy hair without hurting the planet — it's a win, win!

The feel-good factor doesn't just stop with the products and their results. You also have a better way to shop them, too! Bring us your Davines Naturaltech shampoo empties, and you'll get a 10% saving on refills. Pop into the Battersea Powerstation salon with your empty bottles to top them back up and save!

Are you ready to finally put an end to your scalp and hair problems? Book a consultation with our experts today or start exploring Davines hair wellbeing products in our online shop.