Izumi Tonic by Shu Uemura: Our secret to stronger, fuller and thicker hair

Have you ever considered using rice water to add strength back into fragile and weak hair? According to ancient Japanese tradition, this humble starch water infusion is the secret to longer, stronger, and glossier locks.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend hours soaking rice to enjoy the benefits of this centuries-old beauty secret. You can incorporate it into your day-to-day haircare routine with Shu Uemura’s Izumi Tonic range.

Izumi Tonic

Paul Edmonds London is the flagship salon for Shu Uemura, and Paul himself is a global ambassador of the brand. As a big fan of the original Izumi Tonic Spray, Paul is excited to be launching the full range into the salon. He says:

“Some of the oldest beauty tricks in the book are still the best. Yu-Su-Ru is no exception, and Shu Uemura’s range inspired by this age-old Japanese tradition shows just how important this simple ingredient still is to this day. The range has something for every hair type, and we’re really excited to share the products with our clients at the salon.”

The history of Yu-Su-Ru

Yu-Su-Ru is the nutrient-rich water left over after soaking rice. According to history, Japanese women in the Heian period (as far back as 794-1185 AD) kept their beautifully flowing, floor-length hair healthy and strong by bathing it in this magic liquid. 

Geishas were said to use it to smooth their flawless hair before combing it, and even apply it to their skin for added glow. 

The benefits of Yu-Su-Ru have long stood the test of time, and the tradition is still used today to nourish and strengthen hair, leaving it beautifully long, thick, and shiny.

The benefits of rice water

The benefits of rice water

Rice water has lots of benefits for all types of hair. When the starch from the rice dissolves into the water, it transforms into a liquid that’s rich in nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. The starch in the rice water helps fortify strands of hair and add shine, while the other nutrients nourish the scalp.

When hair is exposed to the sun, harsh styling products, pollution, or chemical processes, it can lose its proteins and become weak, dry and fragile. The amino acids in the Yu-Su-Ru bind with the hair, helping to replace gaps, repair damage and strengthen the hair’s cuticle and cortex.

If you have low porosity hair, then too much rice water can actually be damaging. But there’s no need to worry with Izumi Tonic. The formulation is designed to balance the rice proteins with ceremides that help to lock in moisture and nutrients in the hair, ensuring it counteracts any potential protein overload that the rice may have. 

Discover the full Izumi Tonic range by Shu Uemura

Discover the full IZUMI TONIC range

The word Izumi means fountain in Japanese, which hints to the formulation of the range – a delicate combination of the precious Japanese rice water, powered with ceremides to improve the hair’s strength and thickness.

With an invigorating yet subtle fragrance that combines woody musky notes with citrus, the range isn’t just formulated perfectly, it also smells divine and adds a real sense of luxury to the whole experience.

Discover the full range:

Izumi Tonic Spray

A lightweight, energising spray that’s good for sensitive scalps. When applied to clean wet hair and massaged in from scalp to tips, you’ll enjoy hair that’s ten times stronger after just 28 days. 

Izumi Tonic Shampoo

With all the benefits of the delicate balance formulation in a gentle shampoo – your hair will feel instantly smoother and straighter with visibly reduced split ends.

Izumi Tonic Conditioner

When paired with the Izumi Tonic Shampoo, this conditioner will not only strengthen your hair but thicken and moisturise it, leaving you looking and feeling radiant. 

Izumi Tonic Strengthening Treatment

For weak and fragile hair that needs added protein and ceremide building, this treatment has a balm-like texture and works perfectly alongside the Izumi Tonic Serum to build strength.

Izumi Tonic Serum

Designed to improve your hair’s strength while actually increasing the size of the hair follicles, this lightweight serum works in tandem with the rest of the range to improve the hair’s structure and condition after only 28 days. 

Incorporate Izumi Tonic into your haircare routine 

The Izumi Tonic range works well with other Shu Uemura products, so you can focus on building your canvas of stronger, thicker and fuller hair before you go on to style it. Different hair types will work best with different combinations of treatments and conditioning formulas, such as:

Coloured hair: To protect and enhance your coloured locks, consider using Color Lustre Shampoo to lock in the colour, combined with Izumi Tonic Conditioner to add much needed strength. 

Lifeless hair: Combining Muroto Volume Conditioner or Treatment with the hair strengthening properties of Izumi Tonic Shampoo as part of your daily routine will add more life and volume into your hair.

Damaged hair: If your hair has undergone frequent bleaching and heat styling, you could utilise the restorative properties of Ultimate Reset Shampoo and Conditioner, while incorporating the Izumi Tonic Spray to build strength and thickness.

For the best results for your hair type, book in for a consultation with our stylists so they can advise the best products and treatments for your Shu Uemura journey.

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