Repair and rebuild damaged hair with an Oway salon treatment

Is your hair dry, damaged and in need of some serious TLC? 

All sorts of things can cause damage to our hair. Stress, a poor diet, over-exposure to the sun or heat tools, even harsh shampoos and box dyes over time can all cause hair to become dry, damaged and lifeless.

Luckily, we’ve got a little secret up our sleeve that repairs and rebuilds damaged hair, leaving it softer, smoother and healthier after just one treatment. 

Oway Rebuilding Treatment at Paul Edmonds

Rebuilding treatments

To get the hair you’ve always wanted, you need to start by rebuilding it from the inside-out.

The Oway Rebuilding Treatment starts with the Rebuilding Serum, which repairs the keratin chains inside the hair’s fibre and supplies protein to the cuticles and cortex. 

Your stylist will add either Hyalominerals, to give a moisturising radiance and remineralisation, so hair becomes softer and better moisturised – or Ceramindes F, to improve the hair’s structure, elasticity and resistance, and create a protective layer around the cuticle to protect it against external aggressions.

Our experts will determine which treatment plan will suit you best, then you can just sit back and relax while they apply the products and start rebuilding your hair. 

High performance active ingredients

High performance active ingredients

Using an incredible blend of active ingredients to add a charge of regenerating and restructuring energy on the hair, this treatment combines the delicate floral notes of lavender with the sweet scent of basil and the freshness of lemon, providing a refreshing, invigorating, strengthening and smoothing action for your hair. 

Not only will you enjoy indulging in this relaxing treatment in the comfort of our salon, but you’ll be left with deeply rehydrated hair that looks and feels softer, brighter and easier to manage.

Oway is officially launching online and in our Battersea salon on Friday 3rd February. Take a look at our online store or book an appointment to try these incredible products for yourself.


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