Paul reflects on top 2022 hairstyles & how they’ll influence 2023 hair trends

Shag cuts, '90s blow-outs, blunt cuts, men's perms…2022 has seen it all! Paul and the team have been hard at work this year, helping clients realise their hair goals with tailored looks made just for them. 

It's been a whirlwind of brand-new hair obsessions, so Paul is here to unpack hair trends from 2022 in a final round-up. He reveals his favourite styles from the year, his top product picks, plus insights on how trends are evolving into new and exciting looks for the year ahead.

Paul's 2022 predictions: what's hot in hair right now?

Glossy and effortless

Glossy and effortless

Glossy and effortless hair was one of the first trends coming into 2022, spurred by a desire to move away from DIY pandemic hair and towards an effortlessly healthy look. 

"We've seen the trend move away from the beach wave, and even if it is a beach wave, it's very soft," says Paul. "The look in 2022 is much more natural and soft. The hair looks like it's in good condition. It's polished."

The glossy and effortless trend could also be seen throughout other trends this year, namely the high-shine shag cut, the blunt cut, and the '90s blow-out. High-shine and healthy gloss are the hair accessories every 2022 should begin and end with.

Blunt cuts with hidden layers

Blunt cuts with hidden layers

This look has been one of Paul's favourites for the year. The blunt cut with hidden layers is most popular in two lengths: the 'boyfriend bob' (jaw length) or the 'lob' (collar length). It's high impact, low maintenance, and unbelievably versatile.

"I love the blunt, sleek bob shapes — the blunt cuts, sliced through with layers," says Paul. "I think they've been quite nice. And they've evolved slightly, too. They've changed from ruffled, tousled hair to very sleek shapes."

Mixies and pixies


The pixie cut was another of Paul's personal favourites for 2022. This feminine, edgy style was popular on the red carpet, especially when worn slicked back or tousled and sexy.

"I love short hair," says Paul, "Especially on older women — take the hair off, take it back, and maybe wear it ruffled and tucked into the neck. It looks amazing. When you're thinking about a new look, try short hair. It'll just change your whole look."

Warm, muted hair colours

Warm and muted

Muted warm tones knocked ash blondes off the top spot in 2022. Pearly golds, buttery blondes, neo-naturals, and muted coppers were the go-to colours of choice.

The new muted colour palette required hybrid colouring techniques that blended micro balayage, babylights, Air Touch, and root smudging. The tailored combination of colouring techniques is the foundation for creating sophisticated detail and sparkle in these 'natural but better' shades.

Men's hair trends

Men's hair trends

Paul and the team have noticed an uptick in the number of men choosing to visit the salon over a traditional barber. 

"I think they're wanting their hair to be longer and a little more styled. I think they see barbers as just doing that really hard clipper cut and nothing else," says Paul. 

"There's a lot of men who like having a bit of a treatment. I've had a few guys coming in recently, and they like being able to have a drink and a massage at the hairdresser — it's a very different process than the one they're used to at the barbers."

Barbered looks

Paul thinks that clipper cuts and fades have stayed in style because they're easy to maintain and classically cool.

"Clipper cuts and fades have stayed in because they're very easy once you have it done, except that you need to have it touched up about every three or four weeks," says Paul.

The modern mullet

The mullet for men is an ongoing trend that only seems to be getting more popular. Thought to be a pandemic fad back in 2020, this cut has stayed contemporary thanks to its incredible versatility and nostalgic appeal.

"One thing that I think is quite interesting is the mullet being worn in lots of different ways," says Paul. "There's a lot more men having mullets, but they're slightly more stylized — they're taking it a little bit further back, so it's almost at the centre. The back is being left alone, but the sides of the back are still staying short, so it doesn't look 70s." 

Men's perms

Men's perms!

Perms are one of the more unexpected hits in men's hair for 2022. Following along the same lines as the mullet, the perm is another nostalgic hit experiencing a resurgence. 

The trend is worn in two different ways — as part of a mullet, inspired by Stranger Things' wildly popular character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) or the curly top and short sides seen on TikTok.

Top hair products and future must-haves

Davines hair products


Davines has become a firm client favourite in the salon this year. After introducing the sustainable Italian beauty and hair brand to the salon in 2020, Paul and the team have increased the number of products stocked to meet new demand.

"It's been interesting because what's happened with the salon is that loads of people have got into the Davines stuff, which is a lighter texture," says Paul, "It's got that slightly powdery feel, which I think is where styling products are going. A fresher, cleaner, lighter, almost feathery feel to the hair."

Our top salon styling favourites for a feather-light Davines blow-dry are VOLU hair mist, Naturaltech Replumping products, and More Inside Curl Mousse.

Lighter styling waxes 

The trend in men's styling is lighter wax, introduced while the hair is wet. The finished result is a two-day-old hair feel that gives texture without grit.

"We're using waxes, but they're not greasy; they're dry waxes that will just hold the hair without looking like there's anything on it," says Paul

Paul's favourite product for achieving this look is Shu Uemura Ishi Sculpt, which he recommends applying to the hair while damp, then blow-drying to achieve the desired style. 

Scalp products and treatments

Paul and the team have noticed strong seasonal demand for scalp care products, especially in the colder months when freezing temperatures and wind chill can sap moisture from the skin.

"This comes down to seasonal change — people have dry, itchy scalps during the winter and they're wanting products to help remedy the issue," says Paul.

Top favourite products for scalp care are Kérastase Spécifique Potentialiste serum and Davines Naturaltech Detoxifying Shampoo, which is infused with environmentally-friendly scrub particles.

How 2022 trends could evolve over the next 12 months 

Blunt cuts with feathery textures

Blunt bobs

Although Paul doesn't think the layered blunt bob is going anywhere fast, he does predict a change in texture. Rather than feeling product-filled, short haircuts in 2023 will be lighter, trending toward the 'powdery' feel.

"One thing I've been looking at with short hair is the texture of it," he says. "I quite like the slightly feathery feel to it. It's not a waxy, broken-up texture but a much lighter feel. I think it'll lean into the clean, fresh trend that we're starting to see."

Studio 54-inspired disco curls


If you thought the big, bouncy 90s blow-out was the epitome of 'done' hair, you're going to love '70s Disco Curls. Worn on longer hair with a centre parting, these tumbling corkscrew curls are ultra-glam and a definite evolution from 2022's Farrah Fawcett shag cut

"I think we may have a bit more of a 70s look awaiting us on the horizon," says Paul. "I've just seen the pictures of Kate Moss for Charlotte Tilbury's 2022 holiday collection, and she's got very late 70s, early 80s curls. It looks very cool."

Edgy 'French girl' fringes

Edgy Frenchies

Pixie cuts may get a little 'je ne sais quoi' in 2023! The short hair trend is evolving to embrace an edgy Parisian vibe with the addition of lighter, sweeping micro fringes.

"I've noticed a French, slightly edgy girl look starting to go around," says Paul. "The trend is for a shorter fringe rather than something big, heavy, and in the eyes. A sweeping fringe that gives a slightly more edgy look."

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