The pixie cut: Paul’s lowdown on how to wear this super hot trend

Some hairstyles are simply timeless, and the pixie cut is one of them! It masterfully walks the fine line between edgy and sophisticated. And we can't get enough of it!

Since Audrey Hepburn pioneered it in the '50s, the pixie has reigned supreme as a bold style statement for the effortlessly chic. This awards season has seen the pixie trending above all others, putting it firmly in the SS22 lookbook with trends like the high-shine shag and toffee blondes. 

"Over the EE BAFTA Awards weekend, we saw Léa Seydoux and Daisy Ridley looking feminine and sexy with their short hair," Paul says. "They looked amazing and individual."

Paul shares why a pixie can work for anyone, how to find a cut to suit your face shape, and how to style it.


Inside the trend: why everyone loves pixie cut hairstyles

A far cry from the fluffy, ultra-short boy crops of the '50s and '60s, today's pixie is versatile, playful, and always customised to the individual. You aren't cutting your options down by cutting your hair off! You can create a range of different looks in no time with the right products in your beauty kit.

"The pixie haircut doesn't have to be really short," says Paul. "In fact, slightly longer layers that are cut through are better, as they make it easy to create different styles by using different products. Whether it's air-dried with a serum for shine or waxed for texture, it's easy to reinvent who you are."

The pixie is one of those rare cuts that can be adapted to suit almost anyone, regardless of age, hair type, or face shape. "It isn't age exclusive," Paul says, "Sharon Stone has shown short, sexy tousled cuts can work, and she's been doing it for years."

More than just a cut, the pixie makes a statement about the person who wears it — she's got guts, edge, and doesn't need long hair to feel feminine or sexy. After the long spell of lockdown and isolation we've all been through, the pixie cut offers a chance for fresh, drastic change.

"From a mental health point of view, it can be empowering, as women are craving change," says Paul. "A short pixie is about grabbing that moment and standing out from the crowd...making a statement, not following." 

The secret to rocking a pixie with confidence is to find a style that suits you and your natural assets. Luckily, that's exactly what Paul and the team are best at!

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Sharon Stone

Pick your pixie: how to adapt the trend to suit you

A good pixie cut will always be tailored to work for your face shape. Your stylist will help you find a length that accentuates your unique features and works with your natural hair type. Here's how our team will help you customise your cut… 

Working with your face shape and features

Paul and the team can tailor a pixie cut to work with various face shapes by adjusting the weight distribution throughout the layers. 

"A pixie cut on a round face may need a little more length through the sides and back while slimmer faces may need shorter length but heavier layers to broaden the face," Paul says. "Wider faces need contouring, with sides left a bit longer and the emphasis being drawn to the eyes and cheekbones — yes, a good haircut can find them!"

Choosing your style

The stylists at Paul Edmonds London will also ask you about your lifestyle and preferred styling techniques before giving you the chop. That's because the layers and lengths in your cut will affect how versatile it is and how long the styling process will take you each morning

"Texturising the layers or length will add versatility to how the hair can be worn — forward, urchin-like, onto the face or slicked sides, worn to one side or straight back," Paul says.

Playing with colour

A change of colour can transform a cut and tailor it even more closely to the individual wearing it. 

"Have a more sunkissed feel with subtle hand-painted sections, or get our technician to mix and slice varying shades of tint as part of your colour formula," suggests Paul. "Because there are no long-term growing-out problems, it's much easier to keep updating the colour — think Linda Evangelista!"

Better yet, pixie cuts for older women are an excellent way to bring youthful edge to greying or mature hair. "Add in lighter pieces to break the grey or reverse balayage to add depth," says Paul.

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How to style a pixie cut

Pixie cuts might be low maintenance, but that doesn't mean you'll be short on styling options. Just look back through the plethora of recent red carpet looks to see the options available to short-haired vixens — slicked back, finger waves, high-shine, sexy and tousled…the list goes on!

Here are Paul's top product recommendations for achieving the hottest pixie cut styles in 2022:

Texture and lift – go for Shu Uemura Umou Hold! This strong hold cream has a lightweight, non-sticky formula, perfect for polished, controlled looks.

High shine, high gloss finish – apply Shu Uemura Essence Absolue through the ends and lengths, avoiding the roots.

Sleek and slicked – Apply Shu Uemura Kaze Wave to freshly washed, damp hair and overlay with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray. Kaze Wave has a flexible hold, and the lacquer adds a high gloss finish. 

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Not quite ready to go for the chop? Not to worry — Paul has a solution for you. "For those not ready to take the full-on pixie cut, a short shag or layered bob could be the way forward. Think Selena Gomez's new look, for example. It's fun, carefree and low maintenance."

Want to talk through your pixie cut options? Book a consultation at our London salons today or get in touch with the team. We look forward to helping you find your new look.