The Red Carpet Facial in London

Book a Star-Studded Red Carpet Facial at Paul Edmonds London, banish dull looking skin and replace it with instant glow, brightness and radiance.

If you are looking for a quick treatment that works and has no downtime, the Paul Edmonds London red carpet facial is the one for you, it is perfect if you want something quick in your lunch break or before or after your blow-dry appointment.

What is a Red Carpet Facial?

The red carpet facial works efficiently with the combination of three acids.

Starting with a gentle hydrating cleanse to remove oils and make-up this,  fa crystal polish (which dissolves post cleanse with the polishing activator removing the primary loose dead cells) is then used. A cocktail of glycolic, lactic and citric acid solution is gently applied onto the skin and allowed to settled and take effect. This exfoliates the remaining dead skin cells as well as working to tighten skin pores, brighten the skin by balancing any pigmentation and kick start the skins rejuvenation, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and growth of healthy cells.

The cocktail includes added ingredients to restore uneven skin tone and inflammation, as well as Sichuan Pepper fruit extract which helps to reduce the appearance of redness, helping to calm and soothe the skin… who would have thought ?

How does it feel?

Generally it is a soothing exfoliating treatment, with a hot (feeling of heat) “session” during the middle part, where prior to the application of the exfoliating ingredients the skin is cleaned to remove any bacteria prior to the exfoliation.  Other than that, the treatment has a calming effect towards the end, where a combination of powerful antioxidants and hyaluronic acid with a light massage are applied to give you that finishing glow that is so amazing with this facial

Will I see redness or experience downtime?

There is absolutely no downtime after this treatment, in fact it is called the red carpet facial as it is perfect for going out in the evening, having this during the day as part of your lunch hour or tagging it along your hair cut or manicure service.

No one would know other than an amazing glowing result on your skin, you will look super healthy and polished.  As the ingredients have kick started the rejuvenating process it will continue to work for up to 24 hours on the skin, giving it further hydration, even skin tone and over all nourishment.

Can it be combined with any other treatments?

Yes, in fact it is super with an L.E.D. treatment after to amplify the skin rejuvenation cycle and if you have extra sensitive skin you can have an anti-inflammatory L.E.D treatment.  The best bit is the whole treatment including L.E.D. would take no longer than 45mins.

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Can I repeat the treatment and how much does it cost?

Another yes, this treatment is ideal as a package of at least four to six with one every week to two weeks.  Reason being is the mild exfoliation with the added advantage of the skin rejuvenating elements combined with your home kits can greatly enhance the skin result over a two to three month period.

If you ultimately want younger looking tighter skin that truly makes you look red carpet every time, then investing in a plan/package with aftercare products is worth the investment.

Like everything skin, it is important to always consult your Paul Edmonds London skin expert (Sunita and Gene) or Practitioner (Sharon Gilshenan) to see what short/medium term options are available for you (lifestyle included) and your skin (sensitivity or concerns you have).

The price for the treatment is £150, add on the L.E.D. the total price is £200, for a package of 5 you will get an added extra on US (that is how much we love this treatment as we are confident of it’s results and benefits for you !)

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