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Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint. Balayage is a free-hand hair colouring technique that provides a natural look with no harsh sections or obvious regrowth lines.  The look balayage gives is similar to the hair colour young children have including naturally lighter parts and ends. ‘Sun-kissed’ hair colour is another result that balayage gives, this colouring technique provides a multi-tonal finish which creates multiple dimensions to the colour. Balayage is a great hair colouring technique for if you want a colour refresh but do not want to choose anything too dramatic or different. Balayage gives a subtle finish which can be applied to any natural hair colour.

How long does it take to apply?

If you would like fewer balayaged sections then the application could take as little as 45 minutes however if you are wanting a full sunkissed all overlook then your colour, cut and blow dry appointment could take up to 3-4 hours.

To find out how long your look will take, visit Paul Edmonds London at Knightsbridge or Battersea Power Station and visit one of the colour specialists for a consultation to discuss your vision further. And of course, balayage is a hair colouring technique which does require an allergy test which must be done at least 48 hours before your colour appointment. Book your colour consultation and allergy alert test with the team.

Is balayage suitable for my hair colour and length?

Balayage works great on both light and dark hair. If you are blonde you can create more depth and lightness to your locks and if you have darker hair, you can create movement with lighter but natural looking sections.

Balayage can also be applied to all lengths of hair from long beachy locks to short and pixie crops. It’s a completely bespoke and versatile technique of hair colouring allowing it to be suitable to everyone!

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London has identified four types of balayage which the colour team at Paul Edmonds London use to create the right balayage for their clients. Upon consultation, the colour team will discuss the perfect balayage for you however if you want to take things one step further take a look at the different types of balayage below…

Classic Balayage

The classic balayage sees the application of colour placed in a V of equal proportions. The V is placed in the middle of the hair strand by loading the product via the center. The product is brushed upwards from the middle and down from the middle to place the balayage reaching both the roots and ends. The classic balayage is applied to the root and is great for longer hair clients. To maintain your classic balayage you would need to see your expert colourist up to every 8 weeks.

Hannah Cooper

Hannah Cooper has classic balayage with Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London

Creative Balayage

The creative balayage application sees the colour placed further down the V allowing a larger space of natural hair colour. This technique gives a longer and wider root allowing the colour to be most prominent at the end of the hair. Creative balayage is perfect for the client who would like a lower maintenance balayage. To maintain this look you would need to see your colourist every 10-16 weeks so it’s great if you travel/ have less time to pop into the salon.

Balayage on darker hair

Beautiful creative balayage on darker hair

Micro (Babylights) Balayage

Micro balayage sees the product loaded heavily towards one side on the hair strand allowing the colour to be swept across the hairpiece up to the root. This gives a balayage style that goes up to the root of the hair rather than concentrating on the mid-lenghts and ends. Mirco balayage is a finer application and is great for the client who would like a heavier look. You will notice your re-growth every 8-10 weeks.


Delicately placed Micro Balayage by Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London

California Balayage

Think LA blonde, California balayage gives a more all over blonde look. This look for perfect for textured bobs and lobs. The colour is placed in the middle of the hair section and is swept up in various sections. The main thing to note about California balayage is that it uses more product, giving a heavier application.


Abbey Clancy with California Balayage by Alex

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