Why in-salon beauty treatments are a must for winter skin maintenance

Has the temperature drop started to affect your skin yet? It's only a matter of time! Bitterly cold weather and indoor central heating can put your skin through its paces — especially if you aren't adapting your treatment plan seasonally.

The beauty experts at our exclusive skin destination are here to show you how to care for your skin during the autumn and winter months. They'll talk you through the treatments available in our results-driven clinic and why everyone should consider stronger treatments when the weather turns cold. 

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Why do you need stronger skincare for winter?

You'll need to know what the seasonal shift does to your delicate facial skin before you can truly understand the benefit of winter and autumn skincare. 

There are three factors at play when it comes to the horrors of winter skin: central heating, low humidity, and low temperatures. They work together to sap moisture from your skin (a process known as transepidermal water loss) and leave its barrier weakened. Because the skin is so dry, it starts to overproduce sebum, leading to breakouts and flaky patches. 

Swapping to a cold-weather skin care routine, complete with stronger in-clinic treatments, is almost essential if you want to maintain clarity and health. Our experts, Sunita and Gene advise upgrading to facial peels and non-surgical treatments to support skin health.

Stronger beauty treatments are especially important after summer, as sun exposure can cause damage and early signs of aging. You can reverse this by using rejuvenating peels to increase cell turnover, remove fine lines, reduce scarring, and help your skin absorb your home care products more effectively.

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It's not just something we recommend to clients, either — it's the way they naturally progress through their skincare journey! We've seen it time and time again: customers visit us for a deep clean, steam and extraction, but end up returning for more advanced treatments when they see the incredible results.

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Explore your winter skin treatment options

Did you know Harper's Bazaar named our Knightsbridge salon a top skincare destination? Our treatments are bespoke, tailored to each client's exact skin type, concerns, and goals. When you book an appointment, our experts will assess your skin and prescribe a tailored plan just for you. They've handpicked the best facial peels and non-surgical treatments for colder months to help you choose your winter plan.


Peels have a reputation for leaving skin blotchy and red. But they're not as scary or aggressive as they sound — not at our skin destination, anyway! We offer 'superficial' peels, so there's no 'downtime' afterwards, and you can leave straight away. No redness or blotchiness in sight!

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GL Peel 

Brighten your skin and boost radiance with this lightly exfoliating peel. It stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve tone. This customised treatment is best enjoyed as part of a facial.

Micro Peel

Target hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dullness and laxity with this 20% SkinCeuticals peel. The increased exfoliation works over the course of four to six treatments alongside a bespoke programme of facials, which will be prescribed by your aesthetician. 

DR ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel

ZO Skin Health is truly the last word in prescription skin pharmaceuticals. We call this stimulator peel the 'red carpet facial' because our celebrity clients get it before big events! It peels skin using three essential acids (glycolic, salicylic and citric) to remove dead cells and improve skin turnover. It has absolutely no downtime, so you can stroll from the clinic with crystal clear skin and no trace of treatment.

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Of course, one peel simply isn't enough to maintain good surface clarity and texture. You'll likely need a treatment programme to get the full benefits. That's why we're offering a package on these peels: get 3 for the price of 2 when you book before 12th November.

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Salon Skin

Non surgical beauty treatments

You might think this sounds a little drastic for a seasonal skincare shift, but non surgical treatments are excellent for supporting other in-salon rejuvenation programmes. Deep cleanses, facial peels, retinol programmes, and aesthetic treatments like Profilo can last longer and look better when used alongside non surgical treatments. It's the best way to achieve that coveted plump, youthful, hydrated look!


A microneedling facial can be adapted to suit your face, neck, or décolleté. We'll use tiny needles to stimulate the collagen repair process so your skin appears more youthful and fresh. The treatment comes complete with numbing cream and an entire facial prep routine.

Micro-needling usually comes with one or two days of downtime, giving you the perfect opportunity to get a much deeper level of exfoliation with a facial peel. We recommend our 20% micro peel for this. Together, they form a two-pronged strategy to target stubborn issues like pigmentation, which is tricky to shift with peels alone.

A mesotherapy facial is a needle-free treatment with no downtime at all! It uses powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid to slow and reduce the signs of ageing. We can also mix the hyaluronic with other ingredients like peptides and antioxidants to target firmness, brightness, and elasticity. Mesotherapy is especially effective in cold weather, as dryness can enhance texture and lines in your skin.

LED photo dynamic therapy

Acne and circulation problems are a thing of the past with LED photo dynamic therapy. The treatment can be adjusted to target skin concerns and specific problems. Your technician will use a mix of lights to create a variety of wavelengths to penetrate different depths of the skin. 

LED photo dynamic therapy supports treatments for rosacea and sensitive skin. It's perfect if winter weather sends your blemish-prone skin into overdrive! For best results, we recommend booking it as a finisher after your deep cleansing facial.

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Prolong the results with homecare products

The secret to maximising and prolonging your salon skin treatments is the right home care routine. We'd recommend updating this with heavyweight winter products to work with your in-salon treatments, so your skin stays pristine, no matter how low the temperature drops! 

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Our specialist Gene recommends the new integrated kits from SkinCeuticals, curated by experts to form two tailored advanced homecare routines. These are the first SkinCeuticals kits designed to integrate with in-salon treatments and the first to feature full-sized products! 

Homecare Routine 1 (£140)

This kit is clinically proven to promote the recovery process and soothe the skin after intensive treatments. It's great for use after micro-needling and LED treatments because it's such a reparative, soothing kit.

  • C E Ferulic 30ml
    This patented triple antioxidant serum provides up to x8 protection from environmental aggressors. It improves the appearance of discoloration and uneven tone. 

  • Phyto Corrective Masque 60ml
    Sooth feelings of sensitivity and discomfort with this cooling masque. Use it to replenish moisture, restore radiance and lower your skin temperature after your treatment.

  • Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF 50+ 15ml
    Once your skin has fully healed from your salon treatment, you'll need to keep it protected from future damage. This SPF is dual-action, residue-free, and even targets discoloration! Sun damage can still happen in winter, you know!

Homecare Routine 2 (£150)

The Homecare Routine 2 increases hydration and restores firmness to the skin. Our experts recommend it after an injectables treatment or intensive retinol programme because it reduces your skin's adjustment period.

  • H.A. Intensifier 30ml
    A best-selling, multi-functional hydrating serum which amplifies your skin's natural hyaluronic acid levels by +30%. Skin looks plumper, smoother, and lusciously dewy. 

  • Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 48ml
    Clinically proven to reduce the skin's retinoid adjustment period, Triple Lipid Restore has been shown to improve the appearance of pores and skin texture.

  • Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF 50+ 15ml
    Here's a post-treatment essential you can't do without. Apply to fully healed skin and protect it from future sun damage and UV-induced discoloration. Even in winter, SPF is a skincare must!

You couldn't ask for a more comprehensive winter skincare programme! Visit our Knightsbridge salon for your tailored treatment and banish winter skin this year. Book your appointment or find the new SkinCeuticals kits in our online shop.